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Halloween Olaf, Witches, and Bats!

A great combination…don’t ya think?!

Oh my goodness, I love decorating for Halloween! Here’s what I have done so far.


Halloween Olaf, Witches, and Bats!

Olaf is ready for Halloween, and he’s ready to go trick or treating! Poor thing has no idea that just behind him…the witches are brewing a potion, and bats are swooping in!

  • Here’s the tutorial for the witches brooms! My little guy, and I explored the woods to find the most gnarly decayed sticks we could! We were attacked by killer mosquitoes, but we pushed through to find some cool sticks!We carried our bundle of sticks all the way home while people passing us in cars looked at us like we were nuts.  I didn’t care about that, but we had to stop, and itch our mosquito bites – at least every 5 minutes! Ouch!
    • Back at home –  I used my own tutorial to put these 3 brooms together. Link above:
    • I found a caldron that I purchased from Wal-Mart for around $5
    • I filled it with stuffing that I found in the fabric department – also at Wal-Mart
    • I found the Witches Way sign at the Dollar Tree! Everything’s $1!
    • I also found the bugs, and crow there!
    • I had the hat from a previous Halloween, and hung it on a shepherd’s hook
    • I placed the caldron on a milking stool that I found at the 127 yard sale – years ago! Coolest yard sale – eva’
  • Olaf! The cutest little snowman goes trick or treating! – An Olaf Pumpkin Tutorial is Here
  • I found the bats at the Dollar Tree! Why cut out templates when you get them for $1 each at the Dollar Tree?!!!
  • So far…Scotch restickable tabs are holding up well – even in the nasty cold, and rain! 🙂

~Melissa –



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