Silly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas – Minions and More

Minion Easter Egg printables

Hi all! I thought I was done showing you Easter Egg Decorating ideas. But then, reached out to me and showed me some pretty adorable Minion Printable for Easter Eggs. That led to a little egg decorating fun with Connor while the big kids were at school. Yep, we payed for that one! The big kids were NOT happy with us. It also led to some other crazy egg decorations. Here are some examples of our Silly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas – Minions and More plus a link to’s Free Minion Printables!

Minion Easter Egg printables

There are several printables to choose from, and you can mix and match them for more fun!

minion-group-shot (1)

These printables and more can be found on


Silly Halloween Easter Egg Decorations

Here’s one more decoration idea for those that just love Halloween! While we were coloring eggs, Connor decided he wanted a Frankenstein egg. There was really no convincing him otherwise. When I wasn’t looking, he grabbed a plastic cup, added water and a green color tablet. It was pretty apparent, he meant business! So, I found some plastic screws, some black felt, and got to work with Connor. We used a black Sharpie to add the stitches and mouth. We also added some google eyes. Going with the Halloween theme, I grabbed some gauze and wrapped a white egg! I used a red Sharpie to give the mummy egg stitches and added google eyes!

I placed these on candle holders, but you could use a toilet paper roll tube instead

Silly Halloween Easter Egg Decorations - Minions and More

How about a Cyclops Egg? These are adorable! Here’s the link from Good Housekeeping

Silly Halloween Easter Egg Decorations - Minions and More

How about some cute aliens from Buzz Lightyear? This is from Disney

Silly Halloween Easter Egg Decorations - Minions and More

Also from Disney Family Fun The link won’t take you directly to this craft, and I could not find the tutorial. But, it looks like water bottle tops with bendy straws, rubber-bands and felt flippers will do the trick!

That’s it! We are going full on decorating tomorrow! Have tons of fun this weekend! 

Here are some really cool Egg Cookers to check out for this activity:

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