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Inspiring families to tap into their creative side.

Hi! I’m Melissa.  I’m a busy stay at home mom to four children. We live in Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago. I used to teach fifth grade, and I loved it! Now, even though I miss teaching, I love being home with my family. I also work for Taste of Home Magazine as a Volunteer Field Editor. My role there is to develop recipes and review them on a monthly basis. I have even had the honor of seeing some of my recipes published in the magazine. Along with my recipe creations, I also love to create with crafts like designing the ever popular “Evil Minion Goody Bags”, and I love to make one of a kind fun foods like my “Minion Rice Krispies Treats”, “Dory Punch”  or “Olaf Floating In a Jello Swimming Pool”. Every once in a while, I’ll come across a great tip, product, or fun place to travel with your kids and I’ll share that too! 

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                                            The Sunday Mirror – Newspaper/London, England

Melissa has worked with companies, like:

Orville Redenbacher, Coca-Cola, Sony, Minted and Nabisco

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Sponsored Posts – Melissa is  constantly developing  new recipes, crafts, and party ideas. Contact Melissa If you would like her to work with your product by developing a recipe around it, a fun food, a craft, etc.

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*Melissa is open to any idea that you have to partner Kid Friendly Things To Do with your brand. 

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