Wine Cork Forest Animals Craft

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -
Do you save your wine corks? I do! I always look at them as a memory that I shared with friends or family. I always knew that my saved wine corks would go toward a fun craft or project, but I never thought that I’d be making cute little forest animals with them. That is until I saw the idea in a magazine I discovered at our library.    I mean, really…how cute are these...
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Make A Christmas Tree From Books

A Christmas Tree Made From Books! - What a cute craft and adorable decoration for Christmas -
Look what I found at our local library! I love this! I think this would be such a fun craft to do with the kids. It would also make a beautiful Christmas decoration for your home, and a great conversation piece. Here’s my idea for making this centerpiece, even if you don’t have a ton of green books sitting around: You’ll Need Books of varying sizes (about 12) Green wrapping...
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Easy Rudolph Christmas Ornament Craft

Easy Rudolph Tea Light Christmas Ornament for Kids to make!
I think this ornament might just be the easiest and least expensive ornament I’ve ever, ever made! I love those qualities. I have learned over the years that making simple ornaments with the kids is really the only way to go.    For this ornament craft, you’ll need: Red battery operated tea lights – I found mine at the Dollar Tree Google eyes Brown pipe cleaner(2)...
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Easy Snowman Tea Light Ornament Craft

Easy Snowman Tea Light Ornament Craft for the perfect stress free craft with kids! - Great for a classroom party -
I love the simple crafts with kids. This snowman tea light ornament is so easy, that I think I’m going to do this one for the Christmas classroom party, this year! I know the kids will love it, and the teachers will love the stress free, mess free ornament making fun. I also know for a fact, the parents will love seeing these cutie pies made by their cutie pies, on their tree or around the...
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The Best Christmas and Winter Craft Ideas

Simple Christmas and Winter Crafts -
It’s time for  a craft post! Yay! But, with Thanksgiving  weekend and the transition into Christmas, I haven’t had the time to craft anything new. 🙁 Never fear, with so many crafts hidden in the archives of this blog, I have lots to show you. I think it’s due time for a collection of my many crafts all in one place! It will make searching soooo much...
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A Snowy Candle Holder Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Turn any glass into a snowy candle holder with Epsom Salt! What a simple craft and great decoration for Christmas!
Oh my gosh! What an easy and instant way to decorate the table. Just take any clear, glass container and transform it with Epsom salt!  I saw this idea in the Taste of Home Christmas Cookbook, and I had to try it! I didn’t  have to purchase a thing!  I just used glasses, and dessert bowls. If you want to get really fancy, you might want to get a nice clear vase....
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