The Best Of Kid Friendly Things To Do – Easter Desserts

Oh my goodness. Check out this collection of Easter desserts! Adorable and Simple - my favorite combination!
I’m rounding up my favorite Easter Desserts this morning. Yes…Easter is coming!     This is super simple. The basket is just a waffle bowl. Add the cute toppings and Volia” Done. Here’s the tutorial  These are another simple and fun dessert. I know I always go for the brownie dessert. Here’s a link to these cute brownie bird nests.This little bunny...
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Easter Crafts and Recipes

An Easter Idea page full of links to the tutorials on the crafts, and desserts! Awe! It’s a Resee’s Easter Treat! Kids have so much fun removing the carrots, and planting the ones from the basket! Click here for directions Make little nests out of Spanish Moss, and Paper Mache Paste! or make Paper Mache Eggs! I just love this little marshmallow bunny cupcake! Oh yum! & so festive...
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A Simple Spring Dessert – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A cute and simple kid's dessert for Spring or Easter!
This is a fun and simple way to add the cute factor to the Easter or Spring Celebration table! You’ll Need: Waffle bowls Edible Grass – if you can’t find that…look for green licorice Ice Cream Green Sprinkles Jordan Almonds, Jelly Beans, or similar egg shaped candy Peeps – Birds, and Bunnies Egg Sprinkles Now: Place some grass in the bottom of the bowl Add a large...
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Uber Chocolate Explosion Cake – With Uber Colorful Frosting Explosion!

Uber Chocolate Explosion Cake
I dare you to NOT lick this batter! And, if you do take a taste, try to stop at one little taste! Then, once this cake has been served, and it’s sitting out on the counter…I dare you NOT to grab a fork and start picking away at the chocolate deliciousness! Go ahead, test your willpower. Here’s the recipe:   Chocolate Explosion Cake 2015-02-23 12:37:23 Write a review Save...
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A Cute Little Bunny Cupcake! – A Fun Food – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Bunny Cupcake
This little bunny is trying to sneak a carrot out of the garden! He is made entirely out of marshmallows, and edible markers! If you are interested in making these cute little cupcakes for your Easter, Spring or Summer celebration…I’ll show you what I did to make this little guy: So, here’s what I used to make this little bunny: 3 Large marshmallows 2 Mini marshmallows Edible...
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An Oreo Truffle Easter Egg Cupcake Idea! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

So cool! What a fun Easter Dessert!
This cupcake has an Oreo Cookie and Chocolate cracked Easter egg, with jelly beans spilling out of it!  Here’s what I did to make this fun cupcake! You’ll Need: Cupcakes with green icing Oreo Cookies – Vanilla or Chocolate Cream Cheese Wax Paper on a plate that will fit into your freezer Wilton Chocolate Melts – various colors – my base was white, and then 3...
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