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Funny Skeleton Display For Halloween
Meet Grandpa Fred…our latest family member! My husband, and oldest son brought Fred, and Skully home last week to surprise me! I was sooooo excited. But, I had no idea how I was going to display him. So, for at least three days, he sat at dinner with us, the kids dressed him up in their costumes, and he watched movies with us by the fire. Fred popped up all around the house. He sat on the...
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Fun Ideas For Decorating Pumpkins – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Clever Pumpkin Ideas for decorating without carving! Well…maybe a little carving. 🙂   This adorable owl is from All You From Bob Villa! Simple! I love Simple! Oh boy…this makes me think Minnie Mouse possibilities!!!! Look for a Minnie Mouse pumpkin…soon! from Snydle! And for the camping enthusiasts! A camper!  I love it! This is from BHG I found this one on Go...
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My Halloween Front Porch – Olaf, Witches, and Bats! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Halloween Olaf, Witches, and Bats!
A great combination…don’t ya think?! Oh my goodness, I love decorating for Halloween! Here’s what I have done so far.   Olaf is ready for Halloween, and he’s ready to go trick or treating! Poor thing has no idea that just behind him…the witches are brewing a potion, and bats are swooping in! Here’s the tutorial for the witches brooms! My little guy, and I...
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Hilarious Skeleton Decorations For Your Yard on Halloween – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Hilarious Skeleton Yard Displays for Halloween
These crack me up! Really…you could pose a skeleton into just about any normal daily event,or task, and it becomes spooky! Well…spooky with a side of hysterical! I love them! These are so much fun! This one is from Better Homes & Gardens! I have a few from their magazine. Clever stuff! Also from Better Homes & Gardens   A skeleton that’s afraid of Spiders! Awesome!...
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Olaf From Frozen Goes Trick or Treating – A Fun Craft & Pumpkin Display For The Porch – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Olaf from Frozen on Halloween! What an awesome way to decorate your porch for Halloween! The trick or treaters will go crazy!
I love it! I’ve been thinking of this idea for a month, but haven’t really had time to completely devote to it. Yesterday…I finally assembled the white painted pumpkins, and made Halloween Olaf! He looks so excited to go Trick or Treating! I took pictures of him like he was a model, then quickly broke him down so the neighbors didn’t think I was crazy! It’s only...
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DIY Painted Barnyard Pumpkins! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

DIY Barnyard Pumpkins! - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com
Another cute idea from a fun fall outing! These pig, cow, and fowl pumpkins are so darn cute! They would be a perfect accompaniment to a fall party! Here are some close up pictures of these barnyard friends, and some tips on painting your own pumpkins!:   A good place to start is applying a sealer to your clean pumpkin Acrylic Paint is a good paint to use when painting pumpkins, but you can...
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