The Lorax Truffula Tree Pinwheel Hill Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Truffula Tree Pinwheels

Here’s a way to display Truffula Trees at your next Dr. Seuss party. You can use them as table decorations, and give the pinwheels out a party favors.

If you would like to add The Lorax into the middle of your display, I have a craft for him, too! Just see the link below.

Here’s What You’ll Need: For Each Hill:

  1. A round Floral Foam Ring
  2. Spray Adhesive (Optional – Only if you want to add glitter for sparkle)
  3. Green Glitter (Optional – It gives it a little sparkle!)
  4. 3 small pinwheels

Now, Here’s What You’ll Need To Do:

Truffula Tree Pinwheels

  1. Cut your floral foam ring in half – try to make the ends as even as possible, so it stands level. ( You can always use something behind it as a support.)
  2. If you want some sparkle – Spray the 2 hills with adhesive, and sprinkle liberally with green glitter.
  3. Push the pinwheels into the hill – one in the center , and 2 on either side.

You’re Done! Yes!

Unless, you want to add a little Lorax :), then go check out this link!

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~Melissa –

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