The Day We Saved The Dinosaurs & Left Connor To Fend For Himself – The Good Stuff Diaries

This story really goes back to a few days ago…

We drove two hours to take the kids on an adventure in Down Town Disney. There, the two grandmas, Greema and Nana, of course bought the kids some fun souvenirs. Throughout our afternoon, we carried bags of Potato Head parts, plush animals, cups, and jewelry! But, the most coveted prizes from our day were the dinosaurs purchased from the Build A Dinosaur, located in the incredible T-Rex Cafe! The kids each chose a dinosaur to stuff, filled out birth certificates, and picked out clothing for their new pets to proudly display. They held them safely by their side the whole drive back to Nana’s house. What fun!

With Down Town Disney behind us, we filled our following day with fun in the sun! As we were walking over to the beach, Ella surprised me with her dinosaur. She was going to treat her new dinosaur, Sparkles, to a day at the beach. Of course the other kids thought that was a fabulous idea, and promptly ran into the house to fetch their dinosaurs for a beach outing. Thinking this was probably a bad idea, but knowing when to pick my battles, I consented. And, because the moment that I gave birth to a child, my title switched from Melissa to Mom & Pack Mule, I had the privilege of carrying all of the new dinosaurs down to the beach.

As soon as we got to the beach, the kids forgot about their dinosaurs. Ella and Mike ran off on a sea glass hunt ( one of my favorite things  to do). Abi, and Michael ran straight into the waves! After I picked a spot, close enough to the water to dig a canal, but far enough away that it didn’t frighten Connor, I set the dinosaurs down to enjoy the view. I began to dig a hole for Connor to jump into. The kids were having a blast. Connor and I were jumping over the hole, and sometimes into the hole for a big splash!

Mike returned with Ella, and handed the bucket to me so I could enjoy a little sea glass hunt. The tide was coming in, and before I headed down the beach,  I pushed the dinosaurs back, a little.  Being a mom of four, I understand the drama that would unfold if those dinosaurs were attacked by a wave! I took a moment to laugh with Mike, as the kids jumped over their hole in the sand. Then the unthinkable happened, right in mid-laugh, a wave lurched forward sending water straight at the dinosaurs! Mike and I were at immediate attention. We grabbed the dinosaurs two by two! Ella was by our side, having a complete panic attack over Sparkles. Abi, and Michael ran in from the waves to check on their dinosaurs. It was a state of emergency! But, because we acted swiftly, the dinosaurs were near perfect!

That was when we looked back toward the ocean, and saw Connor. There he was standing completely soaked, from head to toe. The beach must have dumped about two feet of sand onto his head, because he was speckled all over his skin, and hair. He looked like a drowned rat, dripping from every limb. We imagined the wave that threatened the prized dinosaurs must have knocked Connor off his feet, and then rolled him down into the ocean.

Ella was still crying, Connor was ripped, and all I could do was laugh. Of course this incident abruptly ended our afternoon outing. As loyal pack mules, Mike and I held the wet dinosaurs, crying Ella, and soaking wet Connor on our walk back to the house! Oh, Good Stuff!

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