Make A Beautiful Hat For Girls – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do Craft

This one is super easy, and uses super large mesh ribbon from the floral and wreath section in craft stores! This is a cute one for  Fourth of July or Labor Day. Here’s what you need to make this hat: A summer hat 2 & 1/2 inch mesh ribbon – I found mine in a craft store floral department, next to the wreaths! Hot glue Now, Here’s What You’ll Need To Make It: Cut...
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Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe - The most refreshing summer side to any picnic or holiday!
This Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe is so refreshing. It’s a go to item to serve in summer.  Heads UP: It’s gonna be hard to leave the bowl alone! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make This Bean Dip:     2 Large Ripe Tomatoes – chopped 1/2 t of salt 1/4 cup of Fresh cilantro  Medium Red Onion chopped 1 Can of Black Beans – rinsed and drained 1 Can of sweet corn...
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Making Soap With Ivory Soap Dough – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is THE favorite craft and the most fun to give as gifts!!!!! We call it Soap Dough! I discovered it when I was teaching a unit on Colonial America, and wanted to have a hands-on lesson making soap. The kids loved it, and my kids still can’t get enough of it. To promote my web site – I took the soap dough to a fair, and made it with kids ( With apple cider doughnuts just next to...
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A Hot Air Balloon Cupcake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

What is it about hot air balloons that is so magical?  When we’re lucky enough to spot one flying through the air, I get just as excited as the kids! I knew I had to do something with a hot air balloon. This is my first attempt, but more to come! I think these would be so cool all lined up at a birthday party! Or, as this one is red, white and blue, they could stand as an American Symbol...
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A Slushy Milk Shake

This is what you get when you mix TWO FUN DRINKS TOGETHER! A SLUSHY-MILK-SHAKE! Yum! With so many colors available in the Jell-O department, you could make these any color you want. Since, fourth of July is just around the corner, I made these fun drinks red and blue. But, it would be fun to have one of every color at a kid’s birthday party! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your...
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