Fort Wetherill Beach and Park In Jamestown, Rhode Island – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do Review

Pack a picnic lunch, and set out for some of Rhode Islands beautiful views. If you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of the sails from the tall ships as you picnic at one of the parks grassy picnics areas. Then pack everything  up, and drive one parking lot over to the beach/scuba parking lot.

As you park in the beach/scuba area and look toward the water, you’ll see a distinct beach area on the right. This beach is not a typical beach. It’s a small somewhat sandy, and rocky cove with breathtaking views of the Newport Harbor, and the East Passage of the Narragansett Bay! The park is situated on granite cliffs. The cove is carved out of this beautiful rock. Teenagers are usually hanging out on one of the cliffs. One or two families might be enjoying the sandy beach. Scuba divers are setting off for amazing under water views. People are bringing their dogs on leashes to cool off in the cold Rhode Island water, and just taking in the amazing view. Here, you can lay out a big blanket, and let the kids play in the cove. On this beach, you have the choice between sun and shade! The cove backs up to some trees that provide nice shade for ones that need a break from the sun. Kids can enjoy the water without the tall waves crashing in (keep in mind this is not the sandiest water entrance – rocks are smooth here, but are mixed in with the sand). As the kids wade in the water, they can hunt for sea life. The cove offers a wide variety of fun sea creatures! Dig in the sand, hunt for sea glass, and enjoy the day!

After you are done with your beach day, and you are heading out to the car, check out the path in the center/left of the parking lot. Walk down the somewhat hidden path to a very different cove. This one is a rocky beach. Kids will need a hand getting down to the rocky beach. Here you can hunt for more sea glass, and take in another beautiful view. Look up onto the cliffs, you might see several people on ledges, sitting in their beach chairs! 🙂

If you are still hungry for more. Check out the hiking areas. This park is an old Defense and Training Facility. It is situated on over 61 acres. There are many paths to hike and explore, and I’ve heard the Fort is pretty impressive.

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Mom’s Review:
I have to AMEND my review below. That is a true review from last year, but as we returned this year, we found the beach littered, a lot more rocky than we saw last year, and full of seaweed. Not nearly as enjoyable. I guess you just have to keep in mind that the rocks and seaweed count might FLUCTUATE. Please keep that in mind when heading to the beach. The picnic area views of the beautiful Rhode Island, and the rest of the park are still just as enjoyable! 🙂 & there were clearings in the water to wade in – without seaweed.
2011 review – We absolutely love this park. I discovered it when my nephew and brother-in-law needed a place to scuba dive. Apparently, it’s one of the North-Easts most coveted diving areas. Wow, what a great piece of this beautiful country!  Here the parking is FREE, and the beach is much more our style! We like to explore nature, and this offers that for us. The last time we were there, my son even found an animal bracelet/tag. I phoned the number on the metal band, and he received a certificate from the state telling him the animal’s origin, and thanking him for being a part of animal research!

Bathroom – Yes!
Beach provides so much to discover!
Small, quiet beach with shade!
Picnicking area is beautiful

None for me! Correction. We just returned to one of our favorite places and found it a little messy. I wish the parks department would do a little morning pick-up, and raking. It might be asking too much for a load of sand on the near side of the boat ramp.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Summer! The water is cold. Go on a HOT day!

Activities/Things To Do:
Scuba Dive
Enjoy Nature

What To Pack:
Sun Screen
Camera/Video Camera
Sand Toys


  • Jamestown is a beautiful town on the harbor! There is a cute deli, and some nice shops in town!
  • The sandy part of the beach is NOT the closest to the boat ramp, walk toward the middle of the cove, and up the hill to get the best digging sand!

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?:
Now that the older kids – ages 9 & 7 – are getting a little more curious, and brave; they like to climb the rocks. The last time we were there, my husband took them up one of the tall rocks. No offense to the dads out there, but dads are usually a little more relaxed in what us moms would consider to be a potentially dangerous situation! (Mom’s back me up on this one! You know what I mean!) I reminded them to be careful, the whole time, and I was so relieved when they were back on the ground!

Kid’s Reivew: What Do The Kids Think Of The Place?:
Michael: “I liked going up the Ginormous Hill!” “I like finding things in the water.” “I liked finding the duck leg.”
Abi: ” I like the big rock I get to climb!” I give it a #10 for awesome!

 Dad’s 2 Cents $$. What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?”:
It’s FREE!

Open Year Round – Sunrise-Sunset

Fort Wetherill Road., Jamestown, RI

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