Disc Golf At Wickham Park In Manchester, CT – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do Review

I had no idea that Disc Golfing was sweeping the nation as a fun thing to do with your kids! Apparently, I’ve been under a rock, because disc golf courses are everywhere! There is a link provided, below to find one near you!

Disc golfing is not your standard dress up in golf shoes, collared shirt, and khakis kind of golf course. Oh sure, the 18 hole course is outside, and as large as a standard golf course, but you won’t find golf carts, and business meetings on the green. You’ll most likely see young families, a single guy or girl, groups of old friends, all dressed very casual, walking the course, and flinging discs into what appears to be metal nets – some in the open green, some in the thick forests.

Be careful not to refer to the discs as “Frisbees”. Some hard core disc golfers would take offense to that. The gentlemen in front of us had a bag full of several discs, and schooled us on the proper use for each one. Disc golfing is a serious sport for a lot of people. We watched as this nice man, stood at the front of the tee, ran, pulled his disc to his side and released it flying into the air toward his target. He talked to the disc, just like I’ve seen my husband talk to his golf ball. We made sure he was well out of sight before our 4 maniac kids stood up on the very same tee, and hurled their discs, pretty much like they would a Frisbee, ran like stampede of buffalo toward each disc, and cheated by advancing toward the net without throwing their discs!

Disc Golf courses are everywhere. My husband talks about one in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have absolutely NO recollection of. The one we happened to play on was at a beautiful park called Wickham Park in Manchester, Ct. A specific review of Wickham Park is below, but here’s a link to a site that lists disc golf courses throughout the world, and even rates them! go to¬† http://www.discgolfscene.com/courses/USA If you have small children, check out some tips, below.

Mom’s Review:
Wickham Park is absolutely beautiful and amazing without the disc golf. The park offers a five senses garden, a nature center, playgrounds, a bird sanctuary, wedding locations, and more! But, as for disc golfing, we had a great time. The kids went wild flinging their discs, and my oldest 2 took it very seriously. Of course, after about 5 holes, the kids were tired, and I was tired and hungry (not a good combination for me). So, luckily we found the playground around the 12 hole (we cheated and cut across some holes), and called it a day! But, not before we checked out the birds, and the five senses garden!

My tip to you would be to REALLY review the course map, and plan a stopping point somewhere in the middle to call it quits, or regroup for another 9 holes. Hopefully your stopping point will include food, drinks, and a bench!

Your Review: Things Change. If you experienced something different, please leave us a comment below:

Favorite Season To Visit:
Anytime in spring, summer and fall!

Activities/Things To Do:

  • Wickham Park has lots to do besides disc golf – like, biking, hiking, playgrounds, picnics, gardens, and more!

What To Pack:

  • Discs – if you have them. We rented our, in that case you’ll need cash! About $2 a disc.
  • Water, and snacks
  • Don’t forget to take anything you might need with you – it’s a long walk back to the car!


  • You can rent discs in most courses, but check ahead of time.

Kid’s Review: What Did The Kids Think Of The Place:

Abi – Age 9 – “I loved it at first, but I got tired of walking so much. I loved the things to do at the park, like the little zoo, playground and garden!”
Michael – Age 7 – “I liked throwing the Frisbee disc, and I didn’t get tired of playing!” “I liked the bird sanctuary and the garden, too.”

Dad’s 2 Cents $$: What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:

  • Wickham Park cost $4 to get in on weekdays, $5 on the weekends
  • Renting discs cost $2 a disc. The park will hold someones driver’s license, and charge a $10 fee if it’s not returned.

More Pictures For A Better Visual:

go to https://kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2012/09/disc-golf-pictures-a-kid-friendly-thing-to-do-review/

A link to Wickham Park:
go to http://www.wickhampark.org/information.html





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