WhooHoo! I Have A Follow Me On Pinterest Button – Check It Out!

It’s over there >>>>>>>>!!! On the side bar!

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest is my thing! I do have a facebook account, and I love to hear about my friends days, but I never have the extra time to browse and comment. So, besides this website,  my thing is Pinterest! I love checking out the fun ideas, in a snapshot. It’s the way my brain thinks – in pictures! Plus, I love to post fun crafts and recipes from the site on Pinterest. I’ll show old posts from last holiday season to refresh them, and new posts too! It’s sooooo… hard not to check in to see if anyone has repinned. I have to shut the computer off!

I would love to see my website friends over on Pinterest, with me!

And, thanks for checking out this labor of love website! I really appreciate all of your visits, and thanks for sharing it with your friends. It’s so fun to look on the analytics and see people from all over the United States coming by for a visit!

Have A Great Weekend! I’ll see you back on Monday!

~Melissa – KidFriendly ThingsToDo.Com – A site providing lots of kid friendly recipes, crafts and ideas for the family!

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