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I hope you got a better nights sleep than I did!

This is the time of year, with the day getting shorter, and the nights getting cooler, that I like to sit down to a crackling fire and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. Ah, sounds so nice! Mike and I put the rugrats to bed, and settle in for a little movie time. The only problem is, Connor! That’s usually the kink in my plan. He comes downstairs about 30 times, until we’re just so exhausted he ends up falling asleep on the couch with us. I swear, I thought I had this parenting thing down before our little Menace arrived. I used to watch the Super Nanny, and think our kids were great compared to others. Now, I wish I had the Super Nanny! But, I’m getting off the point…where was I?

Oh, yep, last night I had a brilliant plan! With today being a day off of school, I told all of the kids to get their sleeping bags and settle in our room for their own movie. Then, they could all sleep there for the night. Everyone was thrilled, and I was looking forward to the Hallmark movie I saw recorded on the DVR!

With the kids entertained upstairs Mike and I settled in on the couch, pressed play, and realized we just saw this movie. Bummer! Connor still found thirty reasons to come downstairs, and I finally climbed into my bed to watch Beetlejuice with the kids! After Beetlejuice we all thankfully fell asleep.

Then at 3:30 in the morning, Ella started calling to her Bunny! She was calling to her blanket as if she honestly expected a reply! At some point after the bunny call, I felt Connor’s presence next to me, and waited as he froze like a statue, and placed one toe at a time under the blanket until all ten were in, and he dove in for cover! Ugh! With Ella frantic over missing bunny, I woke¬† up enough to look for bunny. No luck finding bunny, so I told Ella to give me ten minutes of sleep and I would look again. (She can’t tell time, yet – another brilliant plan by mommy!) I swear right about ten minutes later, Ella asks me if I’m ready to look for bunny! Then, we all heard a rattling sound in the room. Michael, my deep sleeper, had rolled over to the closet doors and was bumping into them! Ugh! What a night! I finally saw 5:00 on the clock and went downstairs for some coffee. Some brilliant mind I have. Coffee! I need more coffee!!!!


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