Making A Flower Cupcake Lollipop Bouquet! Cupcakes That Are Lollipops Too! So Cool!

Flower Cupcake Bouquet

Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day, or just for your special someone! Make a flower cupcake using these fancy cupcake wrappers and malt straws! Here’s how:

  • Bake your cupcakes in these Wilton Cupcake wrappers that look like flowers
  • Flower Cupcake Bouquet
  • Decorate the cupcake with your favorite frosting and add a little candy for the center of the flower
  • Flower Cupcake Bouquet
  • Cut a little hole in the wrapper at the bottom of the cupcake, and insert a malt straw
  • Flower Cupcake Bouquet
  • That’s it! Your done!!! It looks kind of like a cupcake lollipop!

~Melissa – – kid friendly crafts, fun foods, party ideas, and fun things to do with the whole family!

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