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Setting Permanent Marker On Ceramics

This idea on Pinterest implies that you only need a Sharpie and a plate from the Dollar Tree. I thought it looked like so much fun and would be a great Mother’s Day gift for my Sunday School class to do. But, I do not like to send kids home with something that is not full proof. Keeping my fingers crossed, I bought some testing items to test this idea. I headed to the Dollar Store, and I bought a white ceramic coffee mug. I bought Permanent Markers and used the Sharpie Markers (also permanent) that I had at home.


Here’s my little test, and what I discovered:

  • Setting Permanent Marker On Ceramics
  • Here’s A Good Idea! Use Pencil First! –  I only had one mug to try this on, so before I gave the kids a Permanent Marker I drew the plan with a pencil! This really helped give them some guidelines, like their allotted space for letters and drawings!
  • Setting Permanent Marker On Ceramics
  • Then, making sure the surface was safe from Permanent Ink, I let each kid draw a flower in their section. We used both Sharpies and Generic Permanent Markers
  • The ink from the markers was wet and smeared easily, so I was careful not to let the kids mess up their siblings drawings – a little stressful
  • Then, I waited a good hour, and tried to rub a little section off – It rubbed off. Hmm…

The Problem: after the Sharpie had time to dry, it was easily smeared. Bummer 🙁 I did a little research on how to set the Sharpie marker on the Ceramic. Here’s what I found:

  • I found this blog that has tried 4 different strategies and found success! Click here!
  • Setting Permanent Marker On Ceramics
  • The blog link above, found that using Oil Based Sharpies – found at craft stores, and spray acrylic sealant worked and held well!
  • Apparently, you use the Oil Based Markers, allow to dry – bake in the oven to heat set, allow to cool for a long time, then spray waterproof sealer on the mug. Okee! Dokee!
  • I had no Oil Based Sharpies or Acrylic Sealant, and running out to Michael’s was not in my plan. Hoping for the best, I baked my little mug at 350 degrees for an hour and let it sit overnight.

My Result With Only Regular Permanent Marker On Ceramic:

  • The Generic Permanent Marker Faded! The Sharpie marker is set pretty well, but with a little water and some scrubbing, I do notice the marker chipping away. So, I’m leaving it alone until I can get to the craft store to buy the right equipment, or invest in a Kiln!
  • This idea from Pinterest would work well if the plate is only for decorative purposes.
  • Setting Permanent Marker On Ceramics
  • I guess I have to keep looking for a Sunday School Mother’s Day idea. Bummer, for now…but good to know.

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