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A few months ago, I applied for a (volunteer) Field Editor position with the Taste of Home. Taste of Home has long been a staple in my family. My mom, my sister and I have spent countless hours looking through their recipes for inspiration! I was excited about the chance to work with Taste of Home. But, after checking my email for a while with nothing from the Taste of Home, I assumed I was not chosen.

Then yesterday, a Fed Ex truck backed into my driveway with a package for me. Hmm…I looked at the return address. It was from a Media Group in Wisconsin. It was addressed to me. Hmm…my curiosity was definitely peaked. I ripped open the box, and found a bag from Taste of Home. Of course I was excited, because I do love their recipes. Then, I found a post card amongst the fun gifts welcoming me as a new Field Editor along with my own official Taste of Home apron! Yippee! What a fun day!

Funny though, as soon as Connor saw me with the apron on, he took the Cuisinart Food Processor out of the cabinet. He pushed the chair up to the counter. Then, he took the eggs out of the refrigerator and said, “let’s cook something, mom!” Of course, I obliged my little three year old Menace and went straight to work with my official apron!

One of the best perks…now my apron looks as “COOL” as the kid’s aprons, hanging in the kitchen!

**Here’s a link to this awesome and wonderful company, Taste of Home! And Here’s a link to their FREE newsletter sign up! Sign up for delicious recipes from every category imaginable!

Taste of Home

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