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DIY Stone Path

A few years ago, after we moved our family to a new/old home, I set out to explore the possibilities in the yard. When I found several pieces of slate corners poking out of the grass/moss, I dug right in! I must have found at least fifty beautifully different slate shapes. So, I researched the How To of making a stone path. I found, that with a little time on my part, a shovel, some flat pieces of stone, and a path vision; it’s really pretty simple to do. With a few steps, you can create a path that works on any slope, and landscape. And, in a few months, it will look like it’s been there for years! Here’s what I did to make my stone paths!:

  • DIY Stone Path
  • You’ll first want to lay out your stone pieces on the ground, as if it’s already a path. Take several looks at it, from different angles. Walk on the stone pieces. Make sure it looks like you envisioned, and fits your walking stride.
  • Once you approve of the location, and the distance between stone pieces, you can get to work!
  • DIY Stone Path
  • Take a shovel and dig around the stone pieces, making a dirt outline of the shape. Just push the shovel into the ground – about the same depth as your stone piece. Mine were only about an inch deep. Make sure you go all the way around, finishing where you started.
  • DIY Stone Path
  • Lift the stone piece away from the outline. You should see the shape of your stone outlined in the ground
  • DIY Stone Path
  • Now, set your stone piece aside, and dig out the shape you created with your shovel. Only dig the same depth of your stone piece.
  • DIY Stone Path
  • Since my slate was about an inch deep, I dug out an inch of earth. You want the stone to be level with the surrounding earth. Place the extra dirt in a bucket or some other type of container. You may want to use the dirt for your plants.
  • DIY Stone Path
  • If you have a fresh manicure…you might want to use garden gloves. I never have a manicure, or time to look for my garden gloves, so I go without. Then, I show up at parent pick up with some ugly looking fingernails! My poor kids. I really need to find my gloves!
  • Then set your stone piece into the dug out shape. Match it up, as if it were a puzzle. If there are some wobbly spots from uneven dirt, just lift the stone, and dig out the problem spots. Then set your stone back in to check again
  • DIY Stone Path
  • Indiana
  • Wow, I never noticed how this particular piece looks just like the state of Indiana – my home state! (Indiana drawing from USA Printables)
  • Once you are satisfied with your stone shape, press your stone down with your foot, and place a little of the extra dirt you dug out around the edges to fill any gaps.
  • DIY Stone Path
  • If you set the stone into a mulch path, set some matching mulch around the stone. If you set it into a grass yard, then throw some grass seed around it. Remember the path is even with the ground, so you can just mow right over them!
  • After a couple of good rainy days, and a lot of walking on your paths, you’ll notice how the path looks like it’s been there for years! It just blends right into it’s new environment.
  • Enjoy your new path!

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