Smartie Pants Costume For Halloween – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Attach Smarties to some old leggings with safety pins! Voila' Smarty Pants! Easy, Cute, and doubles as a snack!
Attach Smarties to some old leggings with safety pins! Voila’ Smarty Pants! Easy, Cute, and doubles as a...
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Capturing Real Spider Webs – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Capturing Real Spider Webs! This is a fun science activity, or just a cool Halloween decoration!
I saw this cool idea on none other than Pinterest from Preschool Powel Packets! This year, for several little reasons, I started homeschooling my kids. My intention with this idea was to use it as a follow up activity, after a lesson on spiders!  But, fittingly enough we are catching spider webs in the Halloween time frame. So…it’s not only a cool project, it’s a cool...
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Braised Stew With Beef & Mushrooms – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Braised Beef and Mushroom Stew Served Over Mashed Potatoes. Fall Comfort Food At It's Finest! Oh Yum!
This  beef stew dinner is an absolutely delicious fall and winter dish. Tender meat, mushrooms, onions, and gravy all served over hot mashed potatoes! Whoa! It’s comfort food at it’s finest! You’ll Need:   A package of Stew Meat – it’s already cut up for you! Those little things at dinner time make life so exciting, don’t they? 1/4 t salt 1/4 t of pepper...
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“Bloodied Fingernails!” – Jello Candied Pumpkin Seeds – Kid FriendlyThings To Do .com

Bloody Fingernails! Ewe! These are really the most delicious Jello Candied Pumpkin Seeds! You've gotta add this to your Halloween Recipes! Absolutely Delicious
I put this recipe creation out on Face Book, and asked my friends to come up with a name. I was stuck on teeth! Used Vampire Teeth, Decayed Teeth, Candied Teeth, etc… A good friend of mine immediately thought of “Bloodied Fingernails” – Which I LOVE! But, dang-it…now, I have to make RED jello pumpkin seeds tonight and replace my picture of orange! My kids will...
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Paper Mache Halloween Lanterns or Night Lights! – Kid Friendly Things to Do .com

Easy and Fun Halloween Paper Mache Lanterns to light up the spooky night! The possibitlities are endless! Make witches, ghosts, pumpkins, Frankenstein, Cats, Owls! Fun Stuff!
You can go on and on with this idea! Make ghost lanterns, Frankenstein lanterns, Witch lanterns, Black Kitty Cats, Owl lanterns, and of course Jack-O-Lanterns!  These are super fun, inexpensive, and easy to do. Here’s what I did to make paper-mache Halloween Lights!: You’ll Need: An equal mixture of glue, and water paste! A paint brush Assorted tissue paper – colors will depend...
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