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Oh my goodness…I feel like I’ve just lost three days off of my life! I don’t think I will ever make a batch of fudge again, and I certainly will never take a bite into a failed fudge truffle or brownie! They are the devil!

Last Saturday, with a friend of mine, I made seventeen batches of pumpkin fudge! In the process, a boiling piece of fudge jumped out of the pot, and at, oh, around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, landed on my face! Yep, a second degree burn on the side of my chin! Wonderful, I don’t have to dress up for Halloween, because a blister is already festering on my face from fudge!

The next day, on Sunday, my friend, Jori, called me to tell me that her fudge was still liquid. “No problem!”, I said! “I’ll come up with a solution!” Hence, my research on failed fudge, and my batches of pumpkin fudge brownies. They have a beautiful crust all around, and nothing but useless goo in the middle. Then, there’s the truffles I tried on Monday, that I rolled into cinnamon, and gagged on! Ugh! FUDGE!!!!!!! *%#@!

On Tuesday night I was delirious from fudge experiments, and had no energy to cook, so I ordered Chinese. The whole family was gathered around cupcake liners filled with the most disgusting truffles, Chinese food, and me in a pumpkin encrusted apron! I was slumped back in my chair, and really feeling the urge to cry, and scream FUDGE all at the same time! That’s when the brainstorming commenced. I mentioned that Jori, was enjoying the failed fudge as a spread. My husband said, “Then bottle the stuff!”, I texted Jori to see just what she was spreading the batter onto, and ordered her to stop eating it! Because, we are now bottling “Pumpkin Fudge Spread!” She laughed! Jori told me that there is no room in her refrigerator for food, because it’s filled with pumpkin fudge batter! So, they’ve been eating the pumpkin fudge as a spread on graham crackers and apples! But now, they are not allowed to…so she will start dolling out crackers to her poor starving family! LOL!

This morning, I woke up to the best text ever! It was a recording of Jori, and her husband coming up with a name for our delicious spread! Jori’s husband, Pete, said it should be called Pumpkin Spread, not Pumpkin Butter, because spread sounds healthier, and butter makes your butt bigger! He said that people will sit down to our Pumpkin Spread, dip a graham cracker into it, and just ENJOY, because…it’s the bombdiggity! In the background, all I could hear was their three year old rolling from the mention of butter, and a big butt! Thank God, my days of wanting to yell FUDGE have turned into something beautiful, tasty, and hilarious!

Failed Pumpkin Fudge – Pumpkin Spread Recipe is coming very soon! I just have to package 225 containers of the stuff, first! 😉

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