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It’s only been a few days that this family has been sick, and snowed in, but this momma has cabin fever! With temperatures in the negative numbers, and roads closed…Yesterday, it was pretty obvious that I was just a teensy bit bored! So…when my sister sent a text asking if I would like to register to do the “Hustle up the Hancock” in April (show up around 6 a.m., and climb 52 flights of stairs up the Hancock Building in Chicago for charity), I said “absolutely”! When a friend asked me to go to the Circus/Broadway show on Saturday, I said “sign me up!”. When I saw a Groupon for pasta making classes in Chicago, I bought 2! Last, but not least, I scheduled a very fit friend to meet me at the gym to walk me through some training exercises for my impending climb! Oh my gosh! This mommy can not be left alone for too long, or I will go broke!

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