My Simple “Non Expert” Frozen Cake – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

You don't have to be a cake expert to pull of this Frozen Cake! No fondant!
Oh boy! Let me tell you…if I could pull this cake off, and make it look halfway decent on the day I had last Friday – you can totally do it! It was my “now” 7 year old girl’s birthday, last Friday. We started the morning off with a run to Dunkin Donuts, ran over to the Disney Store for a fun shopping spree, drove over to the grocery store to purchase at least 6...
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Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper & Bacon Grilled Cheese – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Stuffed Bacon Jalapeno Pepper Grilled Cheese!
I am in a Sandwich for dinner kind of mood! Of course I looked to  Pinterest for inspiration! Where else would I go? I immediately noticed some Jalapeno Popper sandwiches. Yep…they called to me! They looked amazing! I was thinking I could use the recipe I made some last summer on the grill  – Stuffed Jalapenos Wrapped In Bacon. These sandwiches were Grilled Cheese Jalapeno Pepper...
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Sven From Frozen Gift Bag Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Sven from Frozen tangled up in icicles!
Sven! He’s a reindeer with a Labrador heart! I love the scene in Frozen when Sven gets tangled up in the icicles hanging from the tree! This gift bag is from that scene. Here’s Sven tangled in a branch of icicles! I used a brown paper bag that measures approximately 4x8x2 inches I found some clear bubble beads that I thought could represent ice! I beaded them onto brown cording...
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Olaf Goody Bag Craft Idea – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Olaf From Frozen Goody Bag!
My little girl turns 7 this Friday, and I’m preparing a Frozen Birthday Party for her! I bought some supplies to make Frozen, goody bags. So far, I’ve gotten around to an Olaf and Sven Birthday Bag! I’ll show you some close up pictures, and tell you the materials you’ll need for these! I’ll start with Olaf, today, and get to Sven, tomorrow: 🙂 Olaf: I used White...
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Minion Easter Bunny Plastic Egg Craft

Minion Easter Eggs as Bunnies!
Cutie Pies! Minions all are dressed up as Easter Bunnies! They don’t look to happy about it, either! I think that makes them even cuter. It’s hard not to smile when you walk past these gues. Here’s the tutorial on  how you can make this Minion Easter Bunny Plastic Egg Craft   You’ll Need Purple eggs for Evil Minions  Yellow and Blue Eggs...
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