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Yesterday was sunny, and 50 in Indiana!!!! WooHoo! The day trip junkie that I am…I researched Michiana! It’s time to set out and explore the midwest with the family! We started with New Buffalo, Michigan! We had a blast. I can’t wait to explore the rest of Harbor Country in Michiana this summer!:

  • Michiana
  • We really started at a fun burger joint called Redemaks! They claim to have put New Buffalo on the map with their famous burgers! It’s a fun place to eat. Be warned – NO CREDIT CARDS! That was the first time I have ever paid for lunch with a Check!
  • Oinks Ice Cream New Buffalo Michigan
  • Then, we headed over to Oinks! They are also CASH ONLY! But, I knew that ahead of time. Fun beachy candy store, and ice cream parlor!
  • We never pass up photo shoots with board cut outs. Never!
  • Michiana
  • Time for the beach, and sea glass hunts!
  • I love to go to the shore before the crowd gets there, and explore!
  • My favorite memories in New England were Rhode Island shore Sea Glass hunts so I’m trying to find that type of experience here, in the Indiana area on Lake Michigan.
  • New Buffalo Michigan
  • My husband told my little guy that log on the right was a “New Buffalo Alligator”! He’s trying to lure it in and take it home as a pet!
  • Michiana
  • The Dunes are so beautiful!
  •  bees
  • After our fun afternoon in Michigan, we headed back to Indiana for a fun evening with Aunt Lynette!
  • Aunt Lynette’s bees have arrived! It’s been a while since I’ve had any bee keeping experiences. (I had a bee hive in my early twenties!) Even so…It all came flooding back, and I did not pass the opportunity to give the kids some educational tidbits on bees! My poor kids!
  • A New Twist on Smore's! Twist cookies apart, and fill with marshmallows, miniature candy bars, coconut, and pecans!
  • Last summer, I substituted Oreo Cookies for graham crackers, and we loved it! We are keeping the new Twist on S’mores alive this year!
  • My favorite are the Snickers Smore’s! Delicious

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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