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I’m not sure if the new neighbors will hand out binoculars, or pitch forks at the next HOA meeting! I feel like  I’m on an episode of the Clampetts, on a daily basis! Yesterday, was no exception!


I guess I should be pretty proud of the fact that it took 21 days before I had to go into the pond after something “Connor” threw in! Yesterday, as I waited on my mom to come over and relieve me; I watched Connor as he made the decision to toss the mucky water from his sister’s bucket back into the pond. I then watched the bucket go sailing out of his grip, and into the home of  snapping turtles, and freshly laid frog eggs. I saw the look on my daughter’s face as she watched her bucket, complete with sentimental artwork, sinking to the bottom of the pond. In the background, I noticed the blur of my mom’s red car as it pulled up to the scene. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Connor quickly running to the protection of his Greema. With the horrified look on his big sister’s face; I’m sure he thought the timing was absolutely perfect.

What does a mom do in a moment like that? I was dressed to meet the principal of the new school! Ugh! I did what any mother would do. I ran into the garage, grabbed a rake and raced over to the sinking bucket. I’m pretty sure I sent up a plea to God to save the bucket, and spare me from having to go into the pond after the bucket! “Oh, please God, let this be easy!”  Hoping the rake was long enough, and with my toes on the safety of the grassy shore; I reached out with the extension of the rake. Nope! Of course, it’s not long enough. With an inhale, and a long exhale, I looked down at the ribbons of frog eggs. I pulled up my pants, and pushed my foot into the mucky bottom feeling the ooze wrap itself around my leg, and reached one more time. This time I had success! The bucket was saved! Connor was in the protection of his grandmother’s arms, and mommy smelled like fish!

I wiped as much mud off of my feet as I could in the five seconds I had to spare, waved to the new neighbors, and slipped my toes into pretty white sandals! Hoping the perfume of the other women in the office would mask my smelly feet; I held my head high as I transformed from smelly supermom to dignified, respectable, business mom…all while listening to the theme song of The Beverly Hillbillies playing over, and over in my head!


~Melissa –


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