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The zoo that we like in Indiana is very close to the Notre Dame campus. This was the third time we’ve gone to the zoo, with me saying – next time, I’m definitely driving into Notre Dame to get some pictures! Third times a charm, right?! I finally managed to squeeze in a short visit, and snapped some fun pictures of the beautiful campus buildings! Here are some of them!:

  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • The guy at check in, said the gold dome building was about 1&1/2 blocks away from the parking lot! I think it’s a little bit longer than that! Thank goodness for benches along the way – those saved me! Ella – not pictured above, who walked just fine at the zoo, suddenly couldn’t go any further! So much drama. I told her to rest on each bench, and walk when she could. Oy!
  • The paths are beautiful. They are lined with trees, flower gardens, statues, and benches
  • People were doing various activities, performing, interviewing, lounging on blankets, taking tours, etc.. I loved the atmosphere
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • Before we arrived at our destination – the golden dome, I found this beauty! I have a thing for steeples, and this one is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • Everything is so Gothic in style – one of my favorite forms of architecture
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • Ta Da! The golden dome! The kids look like ants on the steps!
  • My inspirational – Dream Big, and go to a school like this speech started in about this time! 🙂
  • notre-dame-gold-dome
  • I’m not sure who the statue is of at the top? Jesus? An angel? A saint?
  • You just can’t help but appreciate this gorgeous building! The lanterns in front are even ornate!
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • That’s Ella in the left corner! This is not the gold dome building, and I am pushing my limitations with my “super fun” history facts! We were looking at the symbols carved into the building, and guessing at what they stood for. I thought it was fun, my other 3 kids enjoyed seeing what we could find, but not Ella Bella!
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • This is cool – A miniature statue of Joan of Arc! The other side of the door had an angel – I couldn’t make out his name?
  • Another history lesson?! Yep!
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • I spotted another cool steeple! Poor Ella 🙁
  • This one has what appears to be crowns decorating the corners, and top with the date 1881
  • Notre Dame Campus! Beautiful pictures!
  • Heading back – we found Jesus! and some guy being interviewed – Guessing a sports guy?! My husband would have known exactly who he was. I have no idea.
  • Then…my phone died! That stinks for Ella, because now I have to go back, and get pictures of the cool dragon carvings on another building!

~ Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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