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Fried Dough Tacos! Festival Food, Oh yum!

When I was a young girl, my parents – to make a little extra money – would drive around to festivals, selling Elephant Ears! I loved working in the Elephant Ear booth! The line was always a mile long, and we were bustling around making people happy, one Elephant Ear at a time! I think the Midwest might be the only place that refers to this fried dough as Elephant Ears. Last weekend we headed out to the Trail of Courage festival, and the mile long line was for these! They called it an Indian Taco – I’m not sure if that’s politically correct? So, I’m going to call this a Fried Dough Taco! I have to get my mom’s recipe for Elephant Ears/Fried Dough to share with everyone. The only thing missing from this yummy festival food is sour cream! 😉 😉

Fried Dough Tacos! Festival Food, Oh yum!


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