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DIY home remedy for canker sores! This really worked on me.

Oh boy, did we get hit with a nasty cold over Christmas break! I say we, because I caught it along with the kids.  We all coughed until our stomach muscles ached, and I lost my voice for about a week. To add to my misery, I received a whopper of a canker sore, right in the front of my mouth! Ugh! Every time I went to take a sip of tea to help my throat, my canker sore would revolt, and I would wince in pain! After days of telling everyone how bad it hurt, and not really seeing much sympathy around here for litle ole’ me…I took out my phone and began research on canker sore cures. I really think I found a good home remedy, y’all! This is what I found, and what I believe really helped heal my sore!

DIY home remedy for canker sores! This really worked on me.

I read about a cure using the pickling spice, “alum”. This was the remedy I really wanted to try out. There were a lot of testimonials on the success of using this to dry out the canker sore. With the sore being inside your mouth, it really never gets a chance to dry. The method is to place a small amount directly on the sore, deal with the stinging pain for about 1 minute, and spit it out! Don’t rinse it, though! Supposedly, from the sources I read, the sore would disappear by the next day.

Alas, I had no Alum, and it was bed time, so I went with plan B:

DIY home remedy for canker sores! This really worked on me.A baking soda paste made from baking soda and water. I had tons of baking soda, so I grabbed a box, and mixed just enough water to make a thick paste. I dabbed it on my sore, and left it alone. There is a little pain with this, too! It stings. Feeling hopeful, I went to bed. The pain on my sore was a little bit more dull than the night before. The sore was a lot easier to live with. It did not, however, have a long lasting effect. The pain started to come back that afternoon.

DIY home remedy for canker sores! This really worked on me.

So, I ran out and got some Alum! I put it on my mouth, dealt with the stinging (the baking soda numbing it really helped with this), and spit as much as I could out. It tastes awful and leaves a pasty feel in your mouth! Again, feeling hopeful, I went to bed. The canker sore was not gone the next morning, like some of the testimonials said. But, it had gone down a lot! So, I applied it a couple of times that day, and once more that night. The next morning, it was gone! It Vanished! Hallelujah!

But, don’t just take my word for it…

Here are a couple of links with more remedies for Canker Sores, including Alum. I am really interested in the “Coconut Oil” remedy. I think my kids would be a little more willing to try that over the disgusting taste of Alum

Here’s a great list from Lifestyle Nutrition and one from Everyday Roots

Crazy me, I told my husband that I need to get another sore to properly test these theories again! I don’t like telling you about something unless I think it’s a for sure thing. My canker sore had bothered me for at least a week, so I wanted to try it out at the beginning stages – just to be sure it was the Alum and not just it’s time to heal naturally. He laughed and told me “Ya right! I bet you really want another canker sore!” You know? I think, he’s right. I can wait. But, let me tell you, I really think it was the Alum. One night, I went to bed with an angry red canker sore and a little more than a day later, it was gone! At this point, all I can say is if you have a painful sore…it’s worth a shot! What do you have to lose?

If you are in pain, from an angry canker sore, I hope this helps. With any luck you’ll have a new home remedy!


~Melissa –




  1. Ahhh yes just what i needed my little one just got a canker sore . Thank you

    • Canker Sores are miserable. Even my kids that won’t try anything else, will use Alum. My 13 year old is using it right now, (we keep it in stocked in the bathroom). If she skips one night, the sore comes back with a vengeance. KEEP applying it at bedtime until the angry red is gone. It might not work in one night, but it will cut the time down by more than half and it helps so, so much with the pain management. I hope your little one feels better very soon. ~Melissa

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