Wii & Xbox Chocolate Party Favors

Wii and Xbox Goody Bag Chocolates! Great idea for a gaming birthday party!
My son recently went to a gaming party and came home with these! You better believe I was snapping pictures to share with you all! What a great idea for goody bags. The Xbox and Wii chocolate molds are available on Amazon. 
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St. Patrick’s Day Idea Round UP

St. Patrick's Day Round Up of cute crafts, drinks and food ideas!
Wow! I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is before that! I have to switch gears, fast. As usual, I have been looking around the web for some inspiration. It always helps the light bulb go off in my head. There are some really cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts, and food ideas out there. Here are a few cute ideas that I checked...
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Repairing Your Rug’s Curling Edges – A DIY Post

DIY - Fixing a rug that has curled up
A couple of months ago, a corner  of my dining room area rug decided to curl up and stay that way. Not only did it look bad; I was nervous someone was going to trip over the rug, and whack their head right on the table. I even tried duct tape to get the dang corner to stay, but it was determined to stick up. Tutorials that I found on taming the curling edges of rugs were about smaller, lighter...
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Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

Love Cracker Barrel's Fried Apples! Comfort food at it's finest!
If you’ve been on the blog before, you might know that I have a deep love for the south. And, along with that…a deep love for Cracker Barrel! My kids have no choice, but to love it along with me. So, when we were heading back from Wisconsin yesterday, and my husband pulled into Cracker Barrel…it was a happy day! We just love the home cookin’ taste and the Old Country...
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Christmas Wreath Upcycled Into Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Updated my wreaths from Christmas to Valentine's Day by adding plush hearts in the middle!
I can’t believe my Christmas wreaths are still green! The frigid weather here, in the Midwest must be preserving their lushness! That makes me happy. There is nothing worse than a boring yard, in the middle of winter, with no color! One of the things I love to do as I drive around the back of the house is look at my Adirondacks. I keep the chairs weathered looking, but I like to add a...
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