The Best Christmas and Winter Craft Ideas

Simple Christmas and Winter Crafts -

It’s time for  a craft post! Yay! But, with Thanksgiving  weekend and the transition into Christmas, I haven’t had the time to craft anything new. 🙁 Never fear, with so many crafts hidden in the archives of this blog, I have lots to show you. I think it’s due time for a collection of my many crafts all in one place! It will make searching soooo much easier. Let the Christmas season begin! 

Simple Christmas and Winter Crafts -

Paper Plate Angel topper for the Christmas tree craft -


This is one of my favorites. It’s at least 4 years old, and my younger daughter claims it for the tree in her bedroom every year! Here’s the tutorial on this cute paper plate angel.

Edible Glue - An Easy Birdhouse Craft

Another favorite and great Christmas Present! Make some glue, place it in an air-tight container, and provide the house with decorations to glue on. Make it a craft kit! We love this craft. The designs change every time, and the birds and squirrels love it, too! Here’s the recipe for edible glue!



Here’s a simple Pine Cone Door Swag. We still have this, too! I pull it out of the Christmas boxes every year and hang it on a door. If you use the scented pine cones, it doubles as a wonderful fragrant decoration. Here’s the how to on this one.

Easy Peasy Christmas Craft for kids! - Styrofoam Christmas tree with push pin ornaments -



Run out to the craft store, or even the Dollar Tree to get some Styrofoam shaped trees for this easy and cute tree craft! 

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

This is a simple and adorable craft to do with the kids. If you use the small dessert plates, you can even make these into ornaments! Here’s the link

What a cute ornament for the Christmas tree! Simple, adorable, and a keepsake wish list! I love it!

Love this one! I had the kids write their wish lists down on a slip of paper and wrapped it around painted dowels for a sweet ornament. Here’s the how to

Soda Pop Christmas Tree Light -

This is not a craft that I made, but I snapped a sneaky picture of this cool aluminum can tree while we waited for our Christmas tree to be loaded last year. If you have some cans left over from Thanksgiving…save them! 

DIY Olaf Christmas Ornament craft -


Here’s a cute Olaf ornament that I thought up after taking the kids to see Frozen. You probably have most of  the supplies for this  in your bathroom. 🙂 

Family Tradition Advent Calendar

Here’s a twist on the advent calendar. Countdown to Christmas with activities you make up and write on the back of your advent calendar. Here’s some more detail on that idea.

Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft


Let it snow! with coffee filter snowflakes! Here’s how you can make a winter wonderland out of coffee filters, today!

There’s more! just follow this link to see lots more Christmas and Winter craft ideas. I’ll see you next post with a new fun food idea that I think you’re going to love! 

~Melissa –


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