A Day In Collinsville, CT

Take a stroll back in time, and visit Collinsville, Connecticut for a day.  On a nice day, you can take a stroll across the Collinsville bridge, and follow the road near the river, as far as you want to go.  If you are interested in fishing, there are many walking paths to get you to the river’s edge.

After all of that walking, head over to the LaSalle Market & Deli for a bite to eat.  You’ll see their menu on a giant chalkboard behind the counter.  Place your order, walk over to the beverage refrigerators to choose your drink, or the coffee counter.  Then, let the kids pick out a toy on the toy shelves to take back to your
table.  Any table will do.   It’s seat yourself.  There is even a small patio, out front, for those who enjoy the sights and sounds of outside. To see a menu:

Go To http://lasallemarket.com/

Now that you have a full stomach, walk around town, and take in the sights.  The views of the mountain ranges are beautiful, the river is amazing as the old, red-barn, style factories serve as it’s backdrop.  The houses around town are incredible, and the streets are quiet.  If graveyards are interesting to you, Collinsville has a beautiful one.

If you like museums, Collinsville has one of those, too!  The cost is only $4 for an adult, and $1 for children.  There is even a room devoted only to trains.
To find out more about the museum:
Go to http://cantonmuseum.org/

Up for some shopping or sweets?  The Gallery is full of unique artists works, antique shops are numerous, unique childrens clothing and toys are in a shop across the street from the antique barn, there are a couple of country stores, and a small Village Sweet Shoppe. To see their hours: Go To http://www.villagesweetshoppecollinsville.com/.

The atmosphere in Collinsville is friendly and relaxed. It’s a great day to spend with the family.  Don’t forget Collinsville, the next time the grandparents come to town.  They’ll love it!

Mom’s Rating:
We love to go to Collinsville.  It’s a place we always take the grandparents for breakfast.  It is so relaxing to go, knowing that after lunch, or breakfast we can all take a stroll together.  The town is just beautifully preserved and so kid friendly.  Just park your car and walk to everything.

Favorite Season To Visit:
All seasons.  Just go on a nice day so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Activities/Things To Do:
Bike Rides
Sight See

What To Pack:
Stroller or a baby carrier.  It would be hard to get the strollers around the small shops, but for the sidewalks, it’s great to have.
$$$credit cards are excepted in most shops and diners

Collinsville holds many holiday events.  Here is a web site that talks more specifically about the events.  Check out the Halloween Parade, and the Christmas Celebration
Go To http://www.collinsvillect.org/category/events

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?
Going over the bridge, I always hold onto the blankies.  If they decided to toss them, they would be gone forever!  So far, so good, though!

Kid’s Thoughts:
Ella’s Favorite Part is playing with the toys at the deli, and the nachos at the taco place!

Dad’s 2 Cents: What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Lunch & breakfast is the cost of an “average” restaurant. Check out the menu links above to get specific costs.
The museum is $4 for adults & $1 for children(6-16), Seniors $3.
You can always park and take a nice walk.  Always free!

Museum:11 Front Street, Collinsville, Ct.
Deli 104 Main St., Collinsville, CT 860-693-8010
Husk:105Main St., Collinsville, CT 860-693-4300 Sadly has closed.
The rest are all easy to spot from these, or just around the corner!

Museum-April – Nov./Wed.-Sun 1-4 Dec.-Mar. Sat.&Sun.1-4
Deli:Sun:7-7,Mon.6:30-6,Tues-Thurs. 6:30-7,Fri.6:30-10:30,Sat.7-8
Most Shops Are Open By 10 a.m.

Our Experience:
Before we moved to Connecticut, our family took us to the deli for breakfast.  The food was delicious, but it was the town- as a whole- that made the biggest impression. Collinsville reminded me of the towns that my family loved to visit, in Colorado.  It’s a town set in the mountains with a laid back atmosphere, gourmet food, and shopping all within reach.  Now that my husband has returned to his roots, and I am getting to know the North East, it is a place we frequently visit.

More Pictures To Get A Better Visual:
Go To http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2011/11/a-day-in-collinsville-connecticut-pictures/

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