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Best of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts! from Kid Friendly Things To Do. 😉

Best of St. Patrick's Day Desserts from Kid Friendly Things To Do

The Best of St. Patrick's Day Desserts

First up…the most simple! Just cut fruit gummies to make this 4 leaf clover! Here’s the link

Pot Of Gold Cupcake For St. Patrick's Day

This pot of gold is really a giant marshmallow dipped in chocolate! Easy Peasy! Here’s the link

End of the Rainbow Jello Poke Cake

This one is so dang tasty and beautiful too! Here’s the link to this Jello Poke Cake

Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats - Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

My kids went crazy for these! I nabbed a few too! They are hard to resist! Here’s the link

Sour Candy Flavored Rainbow Milkshakes! These are so much fun. Could be a St. Patrick's Day drink

Fun and sour! My kids loved the flavor of this sweet and sour milkshake! Here’s the link

A Horseshoe Cupcake

A lucky horse shoe! It’s really a very simple cupcake! The shoe is a marshmallow! Here’s the link

Some Suggested Equipment

That’s it for now! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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