Pipe Cleaner Ornament (A Pretty Pine Bough) | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornament - Pine Bough
Today, I’d like to share this Easy Pipe Cleaner Pine Bough Ornament for Kids to Make at Christmas. I know that I’m always looking for a simple craft or ornament to make with the kids. If you’re in the market for something like that, then come on in, and I’ll share the “how to”   Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornament… Here’s what you’ll need for...
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Olaf From the Movie Frozen Christmas Ornament | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft
This Olaf Christmas Ornament might be the cutest Christmas ornament you’ll ever make. Make this cute Frozen Movie character with your kids this Christmas. They’ll be delighted when they see him on your tree. This craft would also make great gifts or a fun Frozen Themed Activity for your birthday party…    Six years ago, the Frozen Movie took the world by storm. Our favorite...
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Decorating Beautiful Birdhouses With Edible Bird Seed Glue Craft

Decorating Birdhouses with kids is fun and easy to do. I have a simple DIY birdseed glue recipe to share with you. Great craft for winter, and fairy parties. Great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas! www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com
This is a craft from way back. I’m bringing it out of the archives today with some updated pictures and more fun!  The kids were so excited to see the supplies for birdhouse decorating sitting on the counter. They bugged me every day about it, until we finally had a free day to get our crafting on.  It’s such a fun winter craft. I also think this would be a great craft for fairy...
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Easy Christmas Tree Craft Using Styrofoam Trees and Push Pins

Easy Felt Christmas Tree Craft for kids to make! Perfect for holiday parties. www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com
This is a nice and simple Christmas Tree Craft that I’m pulling out of the archives. The kids loved making them, and we have enjoyed decorating with them for years!  For this Easy Christmas Tree Craft Using Styrofoam Trees and Push Pins , you’ll need: Styrofoam Cones – you can find them at The Dollar Tree Felt Sheets (any colors you like)  – Cut into strips that fit...
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DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser Craft

DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser Craft. This is so easy to make, and adds so much fun to the kid's bathroom. KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
It’s snowing in our neck of the woods! Finally…It’s snowing! I woke up to a beautiful, quiet, snow filled winter morning. I love mornings like this. The kids are still sleeping, I have my cup of coffee, and all I can see outside is the lantern across the street reflecting light on shiny snow. Maybe, making this DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser for the kids, sent out big snow thoughts...
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Wine Cork Forest Animals Craft

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
Do you save your wine corks? I do! I always look at them as a memory that I shared with friends or family. I always knew that my saved wine corks would go toward a fun craft or project, but I never thought that I’d be making cute little forest animals with them. That is until I saw the idea in a magazine I discovered at our library.    I mean, really…how cute are these little guys?!...
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