Decorating Beautiful Birdhouses With Edible Bird Seed Glue Craft

Decorating Birdhouses with kids is fun and easy to do. I have a simple DIY birdseed glue recipe to share with you. Great craft for winter, and fairy parties. Great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas!
This is a craft from way back. I’m bringing it out of the archives today with some updated pictures and more fun!  The kids were so excited to see the supplies for birdhouse decorating sitting on the counter. They bugged me every day about it, until we finally had a free day to get our crafting on.  It’s such a fun winter craft. I also think this would be a great craft for fairy...
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Hand Print Art – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

I looooove Hand Print Art! These ideas are so clever!
We just got back from a fun Tennessee trip! Our – End of the Summer trip. My first three were born in Knoxville, Tennessee. When my husband told me it was time to move to Connecticut, I did not leave without a fight! I tell you, I pitched a complete toddler tantrum! This year was the first time we went back in years. I actually got emotional at the Tennesee Welcome Center! I do love that...
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Marbleizing An Ornament With Crayons – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Marbleizing a clear ornament with broken crayons, and a hair dryer!
This is fun, and only takes about 5 minutes! Pop a few pieces of crayons into the bottom of a clear ornament, and spend some time applying heat from a hair dryer to melt them. Swirl, the wax around, and Voila’! You’ll Need: A clear ornament – glass works best, but plastic does work and would be better to use with the kiddos. 2-3 different broken crayon pieces A hair dryer Put a...
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A Collection of Fun Christmas Crafts & Gifts To Make – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A roundup of tried and true Christmas Crafts
A round up of  some of my favorite tried, and true Christmas Crafts from! A great classroom party, or do at home craft! Make a graham cracker house for Christmas! Click here: A fun Rudolph Goody Bag It’s a sweet angel for a tree topper, or decoration A button ornament! Easy felt trees! This blanket is a great gift to make for loved ones A sentimental sled ornament...
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Personalize A Cozy Blanket -Or- Throw For A Gift From Kids – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Personalize A Blanket or Throw For A Sentimental Gift From The Kids. This would be a great gift to give a teacher from the whole class!
Running out of sentimental gifts to give at Christmas? This is one I haven’t seen around. Buy a cozy blanket, (I bought this heated flannel blanket at Wal-Mart) Cut mittens (one for each child), and a heart out of felt. Use yarn to stitch the kids names onto each mitten. Then, stitch the kid’s mittens onto the blanket. Finally, stitch the heart in the middle! There you have it, a...
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Let Kids Make A Personalized Sheet Set As A Gift For Loved Ones

Giving the kids framed artwork is a beautiful gift. But, why not use fabric markers to turn cozy sheet sets into works of art your family can enjoy each night they pull back the covers? Using a covered work surface, spread a sheet out. Set out some fabric markers, and some winter pictures to inspire their creative juices! Print out pictures of a polar bear, hot cocoa, penguins, snow flakes,...
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