DIY Painted Barnyard Pumpkins! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

DIY Barnyard Pumpkins! - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com
Another cute idea from a fun fall outing! These pig, cow, and fowl pumpkins are so darn cute! They would be a perfect accompaniment to a fall party! Here are some close up pictures of these barnyard friends, and some tips on painting your own pumpkins!:   A good place to start is applying a sealer to your clean pumpkin Acrylic Paint is a good paint to use when painting pumpkins, but you can try...
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Pumpkin Ring Toss Using Glow In The Dark Necklaces As Rings!

Use Glow in the Dark Necklaces as rings for an easy & fun Pumpkin Ring Toss Game! -
I was staring at some glow necklaces a few years ago, and it occurred to me that they would make the perfect rings for a game! And, you know what?! They really do!  This is a fun, and inexpensive fall game! Add this Pumpkin Ring Toss to your fall class party, fall picnic, or carnival! Just buy some glow in the dark necklaces to use as rings. Activate the glow in the dark necklaces for night time...
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Fishing In The Driveway – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Here’s an idea to bust boredom! My kids love fishing with their Papa. But, when Papa isn’t around, and it’s a nice day, I’ll draw an ocean in the driveway with chalk. I attach rubber toys in place of hooks, and the kids fish for hours! Sometimes I put numbers on the fish, crabs, lobsters, jelly fish, and whales, and make a game of it! So fun! Here are some more pictures:...
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Sliding Into Leaves

Don’t rake your leaves to the curb, just yet! This puts a new twist on Jumping Into Leaves, this fall.  It also adds excitement to that slide the kids have been ignoring!  For hours of entertainment, why not, rake the leaves up to your favorite slide.  Kids will love sliding into the crisp, crunchy, fall leaves! So fun.                                  ...
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