How to Make a {Super Easy} Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick’s Day – “With Video” | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Leprechaun Trap Idea for kids
Setting out Leprechaun Traps on St. Patrick’s Day is a fun way to celebrate with the kids. This Leprechaun Trap idea is fun and definitely easy to make. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make an easy Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick’s Day and let the fun begin… There are so many possibilities in making Leprechaun traps. I’ve seen elaborate traps, lego traps, cereal...
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Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snack Idea!

Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snacks! What an awesome idea for a Minion or Despicable Me party! There are a lot of Minion Party ideas on this site!
Did someone say there was a Minion Movie coming out this summer?! Just kidding! I can’t wait to see it! I was thinking you all might be looking for easy snack ideas for a Minion Birthday Party. Boy, do I have you covered. Minions are on my brain right now. So…Let’s get this Minion Party Started! These Minion cheese sticks are so easy to make, and they look so darned cute!...
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Making Soap With Ivory Soap Dough – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is THE favorite craft and the most fun to give as gifts!!!!! We call it Soap Dough! I discovered it when I was teaching a unit on Colonial America, and wanted to have a hands-on lesson making soap. The kids loved it, and my kids still can’t get enough of it. To promote my web site – I took the soap dough to a fair, and made it with kids ( With apple cider doughnuts just next to...
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Fishing In The Driveway – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Here’s an idea to bust boredom! My kids love fishing with their Papa. But, when Papa isn’t around, and it’s a nice day, I’ll draw an ocean in the driveway with chalk. I attach rubber toys in place of hooks, and the kids fish for hours! Sometimes I put numbers on the fish, crabs, lobsters, jelly fish, and whales, and make a game of it! So fun! Here are some more pictures:...
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Sliding Into Leaves

Don’t rake your leaves to the curb, just yet! This puts a new twist on Jumping Into Leaves, this fall.  It also adds excitement to that slide the kids have been ignoring!  For hours of entertainment, why not, rake the leaves up to your favorite slide.  Kids will love sliding into the crisp, crunchy, fall leaves! So fun.                                  ...
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