Make New Years Eve Noise Makers From Recycled Water Bottles

Make New Years Eve Noise Makers out of recycled water bottles for the kids or the adults at your party! Easy to make! -
Add some colorful sparkle to your old water bottles, place some noise makers inside, and seal the lid to make some fun noise makers this New Years Eve! It’s easy to do. Here’s How: You’ll Need: Mop & Glo (or other multi-purpose floor cleaner) – this works as a glue for the glitter to adhere to the surface, but it’s easier to distribute than glue, as it’s...
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Make A Memory Jar For New Years And Forever – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Fill a memory jar all year long and pass it around the table on New Years Eve
At the end of the year, it’s so hard to remember every detail  of those special moments. Here is an idea to help you document all of those special moments, without taking out the scrap book material and creating a whole page! I know, I don’t have time for that, at this point in my life.  But, if I want to get out my scrapbook material later, with these reminder strips of paper, it...
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Lighting Up The New Year’s Party With Sparkling Jars – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This craft requires glass jars. So, if you are comfortable with your “older kids” handling your glass jars (with supervision of course!), this might be a fun craft for the New Year’s Eve celebration! Younger kids can still have fun participating, too!. After dark sets in, kids will enjoy seeing their handy-work lighting up your front path. Here’s What You Will Need: Extra...
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Remembering This Year With Hallmark Ornaments – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Each handmade ornament, carefully crafted by your child adds uniqueness to your Christmas tree.  Each ornament is labeled with their name, and date. Each year, as you unpack, and pack them, you’ll take a moment to reflect upon how sweet that age was or is. As this year’s Christmas festivities come to a close, and New Year’s Eve is approaching, start a New Year’s Tradition...
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