Making A Shaped Candle – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do Craft

I had intended on giving these out as gifts, but the kids beg to light one every night! We started out with at least a dozen, and we are now down to 3! So much for gifts! With a little help from an adult, these are super fun and pretty simple to do! Here’s what you’ll need to make some fun shaped candles for yourself or for gifts!: Beeswax Sheets – I had some leftover from...
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Making Beautiful Chocolate & Candy Marshmallow Lollipops – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Beautiful and Simple Chocolate, and Candy Coated Marshmallow Lollipops
Simple. Beautiful. Fun. Yummy! These are one of  the easiest, and elegant looking desserts.  Here’s What You’ll Need: Lollipop Sticks Marshmallows – Standard Size Medium Sized Bowl of Chocolate Melts – Melted – OR – milk chocolate chips from the grocery store (these take a little longer to harden) A Bowl of water Floral Foam – Found in craft stores,...
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Snow Globe Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Snow is so fascinating to a child. Kids can play for hours in the cold, frosty air. (As long as their is a winter wonderland to play in!)! Now, you and the kids can capture a winter wonderland in a jar, with this simple snow globe craft. The magic of snow can last, long after the snow outside has gone. Here’s What You’ll Need: Jars – Try to find to find a more Kid Friendly...
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Tissue Paper Flower Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is a simple craft that is such a keepsake, and fun to do with kids. They are so much better as a flower center piece than the ones you buy in the store. This is also a great room parent activity for a classroom party. 🙂 Parents will treasure these simple home made flowers. ***Tip – for younger children do steps 1-6 for them. It will help in the stress factor! Here’s What You...
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