How To Dye Easter Eggs with RICE (Super Fun and Easy!)

Use Rice to Color Easter Eggs
I’m so excited to share this post on How To Dye Easter Eggs With Rice with you all. This method of dyeing Easter Eggs is going to change your Easter holiday forever! I love, love, love this technique.  Dyeing Eggs with Rice is so much fun to do, and requires so little clean up. That last part is a huge bonus.  Little kids could totally do this, and big kids will absolutely...
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Over 30 Easter Fun Food Ideas, Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Crafts for Kids to Make

Over 30 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas, Egg Hunt Ideas and Crafts for Kids to Make, Christian related ones too! Fun and easy
Easter is coming! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree? Crazy. Well, today I’d love to share some fun Easter ideas that I’ve found on Pinterest for you. These Easter Egg Decorating Ideas, Egg Hunt Ideas and Crafts for Kids to Make are just down right adorable and I think they’re pretty...
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How to Dye Easter Eggs with Old Neck Ties

How to dye Easter Eggs with a Neck Tie. This is such a fun Easter craft to do with the kids!
Hey all. Today I want to share how we dyed Easter Eggs with Neck Ties! The kids and I had such a fun time with this idea. Each egg that we unwrapped was such a fun surprise. We never knew what we were going to get. Every one was unique and so beautiful! Come on in and I’ll share How to Dye Easter Eggs with a Neck Tie Aren’t they cool? I wish it was a 3D picture, so you can see...
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An Easy to Make Clothespin Bunny Craft for Kids

Simple bunny craft. Great for Easter crafts, or spring. -
I was thinking, that if you turned a clothespin upside down…(you know, the old fashioned ones without the hinges), it would make a great bunny rabbit! I don’t know why that popped into my head. I was no where near a clothespin. But, you know what, I like it! This could be a really fun and simple craft for kids around Easter or for a spring craft. Come on in, and I’ll show you...
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Easy to Make A Lion Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Simple, fun to make, and so adorable Lion Paper Plate craft for kids -
This is so cute you guys! I know you’ve heard me say that I love the simple crafts. But seriously, when you’re crafting with kids, they are the best. It’s wham, bam, thank you mam’, fun and done! No tears, no one is leaving me to finish on my own, and everyone loves their little craft. I promise, I’ll do something more complicated then paper plates soon, but I...
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Making A Cross Necklace Out of Nails – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Beautiful Cross made from nails! What a cool craft for Easter, Faith, or just for everyday!
I’m bringing this one out of the archives, today. It’s a beautiful Cross Necklace Made out of Nails craft that I posted 2 years ago, and it’s perfect for Easter time. Here it is… I meant to post this craft at Easter time, but we were moving into our new house, and time just slipped away. I think this is such a cool idea for making cross necklaces, or key chains....
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