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Personalize A Blanket or Throw For A Sentimental Gift From The Kids. This would be a great gift to give a teacher from the whole class!
Running out of sentimental gifts to give at Christmas? This is one I haven’t seen around. Buy a cozy blanket, (I bought this heated flannel blanket at Wal-Mart) Cut mittens (one for each child), and a heart out of felt. Use yarn to stitch the kids names onto each mitten. Then, stitch the kid’s mittens onto the blanket. Finally, stitch the heart in the middle! There you have it, a...
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Family Christmas Traditions Advent Calendar

Aside from your usual countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar, make a family tradition advent calendar too! Just find some nice gift tags, or use Christmas cards sealed in numbered envelopes – counting down to Christmas day! Brainstorm with the family, and write a different family tradition you wish to complete on each card or tag – like: Bake Cookies, Do A Good Deed, Go See Christmas...
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Make A Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments The Kids Can Decorate Over & Over

A Felt tree the kids can decorate over, and over!
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew I wanted to make this fun Christmas activity for the kids. And, of course I wanted to share it with all of you, too! To keep the kids busy while we prepared Thanksgiving yummies, I ran out to JoAnn Fabric Store and bought 2 yards of Christmas Green Felt for the Christmas tree. Then, I added a small amount of several other fun Christmas colored felt to make...
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The Nativity Christmas Story – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

I know as a child, it was always a special tradition to hear The Christmas Story, on Christmas Eve. My dad read the story of Christ’s birth from the King James Version of our family Bible (not the easiest Bible for a kid to understand). And, although it was a special tradition, it didn’t always hold my attention for very long. This Christmas season, if the Nativity Story is part of...
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Elfing Someone At Christmas – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Is it really better to give than to receive?  If your Elfing someone it Is! The anticipation of Christmas is the fun part!  All of the traditions shared with you and your family, preparing for the holidays are the moments that your children will hold dear to their hearts!  Here is a new tradition for you to try out. We are looking forward, for the first time this year, to Elfing our friends. The...
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Elfing Someone Poem and Elf Picture – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

I made this up in the grocery store parking lot – just before we elffed our cousins!Use this poem to Elf someone tonight. Here’s a link to the description of Elfing Soemeone At Christmas! Elfing Someone   Twas the Christmas season & outside your house Not a creature was stirring Shhh, kids! Stay quiet as a mouse! We’ve left you some goodies on your doorstep, tonight Don’t cause...
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