Graham Cracker Haunted Houses for Halloween Craft | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Graham Cracker Haunted House Idea
These Chocolate Graham Cracker Haunted Houses for Halloween are a fun twist on the Christmas ones! These have always been a hit with kids and adults. Come on in and I’ll share my tips from years of experience and some fun ideas for decorating your Haunted Graham Cracker Houses...   I’m sure, if you have a preschool or kindergarten child, you have seen Graham Cracker Houses.  ...
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A DIY Monster Wreath Craft For a Halloween Decoration

A DIY One-eyed Monster Wreath craft for Halloween - easy to make and so cute as a Halloween decoration -
This is so fun to see as you pull up to your house! It’s kid friendly, yet elegant – in a fun kind of way! I found a really fun fuzzy yarn in the material section of a department store and was inspired to come up with a fun Halloween Decoration. Here’s what I came up with and the how to on making this DIY Monster Wreath For Halloween :  Supplies, you’ll need: A Styrofoam...
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The Spider Race Game for A Halloween or Fall Party Idea | Kid Friendly Things To Do

The Spider Race Game! It's a fun new idea for Halloween and Fall parties for kids!
Scouts Honor! Since the creation of this game, my kids have asked to play this game with me every single night. And I mean…all of the kids!Come on in, and I’ll show you my “how to” on The Spider Race Game for A Halloween or Fall Party Idea I love the fun memories this game has made, but it’s a competition and mom takes no prisoners! Of course, we are all practicing...
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Easy & Inexpensive DIY Spooky Halloween Tablecloth Craft

This DIY Halloween tablecloth is perfect for your Halloween decorations and party! It's so easy and spooky!
You won’t believe how incredibly easy and inexpensive this spider tablecloth is! Instant haunted table! Make this fun display for under $5, and under minutes! I love it! All you need is: Netting – found at your local fabric store – you should be fine on width. Fabric comes pretty wide. Just get enough length that it drapes on the ends, a bit. I have a really long farm table,...
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DIY Hand Print Spider Halloween Candy Bag

DIY handprint Halloween Spider Candy Bag using a pillowcase! Make your own spider loot bag for Halloween! Simple, and so cute!
Man…this is a hard one to pick a name for! Can you tell, I crammed every possible explanation into the longest title ever?! Anywho, on to the cutie patootie, simple to make, pillowcase Halloween bag! I did it again!!!! Really, you could take this cute little hand print spider idea, and put it on just about anything. It makes a cute Halloween shirt, too! But, we were thinking it would make...
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Egg Carton Spider Craft

Egg Carton Spider Craft - Perfect for Halloween or a unit on Bugs! -
These Egg Carton Spiders were so much fun to do with the kids. This is a great craft for little ones, and so adorable for Halloween parties, or a unit on bugs in class!   I let my five year old paint the egg holders, attach the eyes, and the legs himself. He had so much fun! He kept holding each spider up to me, and saying, “Mom, isn’t this one adorable?!” – So cute! My...
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