DIY Halloween Window Clings

DIY window clings! This is so much fun, and so easy to do. It really works! Just peel, and stick to mirrors, and windows.
This is so much fun to do! All you need is a couple of supplies, and your imagination to haunt your windows, and mirrors with these Halloween Window Clings! You’ll Need: Puffy Paint Parchment Paper Optional – Halloween Print Outs If you would like something to trace over, you can find loads of free Halloween Printables on the web! If you are using a printable – like we did...
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Unwrap The Mummy Halloween Party Game

Unwrap the Mummy Game! Perfect for Preschool or Elementary School Halloween parties, or Hotel Transylvania Birthday Parties. You won't believe how easy this is, and how much the kids love unwrapping the toilet paper to find cute prizes!
Unwrap the Mummy is such a fun game for Halloween parties. It’s easy to do, and requires very little time. The perfect game for classroom parties. Just sit the kids in a circle, and let them unwrap the toilet paper mummy to reveal prizes for all. You’ll Need: 3 or more rolls of super strong toilet paper. Lots of small Halloween prizes and candy – **Pencils are tough –...
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DIY Kid’s Halloween Costume – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

kid friendly things to do, halloween costumes, diy costumes
Halloween is getting close! Oy! With all of the Halloween parties, homework, and activities – whose had the time to pull costumes together?! Fear Not! I have found some super cute DIY Halloween Costumes to peruse through!:   #1 from Buggy Buddy! A felt butterfly wing tutorial #2 Mary Poppins!!!!!! I might be doing this for my 11 year old. So awesome! This is from The Disney Diner  #3 From...
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DIY Mummy Wreath Craft for Halloween

DIY Mummy Wreath - perfect for Halloween!
Halloween, I love Halloween! To me…it’s the most creative holiday! Last week’s Halloween wreaths really inspired me to get out there and make one of my own. I originally set out to make a spooky mummy wreath, with blood on his bandages, mean, and scary. But, the kids all loved this one – before the gore! They even named him Gauze! Hence…my cute mummy! Dang! Looks...
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DIY Halloween Wreath – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

DIY Halloween Wreaths! I absolutely love these!!!!
Oh boy! These are so exciting to me! I’m like a kid at Halloween! I love the creativity, and thriftiness of these Halloween Wreaths! It took me a while to find a witch wreath that wasn’t just an advertisement from Etsy! But…I pushed through, and found a wonderful step by step tutorial – NO SEWING REQUIRED!!! Yay! Here’s the link to Alayna’s Creations Cool...
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Fun Ideas For Decorating Pumpkins – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Clever Pumpkin Ideas for decorating without carving! Well…maybe a little carving. 🙂   This adorable owl is from All You From Bob Villa! Simple! I love Simple! Oh boy…this makes me think Minnie Mouse possibilities!!!! Look for a Minnie Mouse pumpkin…soon! from Snydle! And for the camping enthusiasts! A camper!  I love it! This is from BHG I found this one on Go Eerie Awesome...
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