DIY Dry Erase “I Love You Because” Board

DIY Dry Erase "I Love You Because" Board - Great for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Going away present, or grandparent gift from the kids!
This is a great idea for dad this Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day)! Follow the prompt, I Love You Because…and, use a dry-erase marker to leave loving notes for dad (or whomever)! I found a frame that has a nice Family script, and believe it or not, enough picture frames to assign one for each of my four kids! Perfect! Here’s what you’ll need to do to make this...
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DIY Mother’s Day Cookbook Gift From Kids

I’m so excited to share this with you, today. This Mother’s Day Cookbook is one Cookbook that will hold a special spot in the kitchen for a long, long time! To give you a template for your class, or for you personal school of kids…Here’s a look inside the one I received from my daughter’s Kindergarten class: The front cover Introduction A sweet addition An example...
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A Bouquet of Sunflowers Made With Handprints Craft

Oh my goodness! One of the sweetest bouquet of flower handprint crafts I've ever seen! Love this. I'm doing this for Mother's Day!
Can I get an AW?! or and OMGoodness! How cute is this Sunflower Bouquet? I love it so, so much that it is in proud display on my dining room server. I walk in the room quite often just to get a big smile. It makes me happy! If you are anything like me, and love preserving your little ones with handprint crafts, then, baby…this is the craft for you. Also, if you are a husband of someone...
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Mother’s Day Ideas – Gifts, Crafts, and Quotes

Mother's Day Gifts, Crafts, and Quotes
Four weeks from today, we’ll be thanking our moms, and special women in our life, for all that they do. Here are some ideas to inspire you to create something magical for the mommy in your life.  Mother’s Day Ideas – Gifts, Crafts, and Quotes Oh my…I’m getting all Verklempt! I sang this song to each one of my babies as I rocked them to sleep. I want this, I need...
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DIY – Making Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salt Craft - A great gift for kids to make. It looks like layered sand art! Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Gift - so many possibilities!
I am giving some old posts a face lift, and re-posting them. This craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! Bath salts make such a great gifts, and they are so much fun to make. The craft is really, a lot like sand art. You can really get carried away making some fun designs! The end result is a nice fragrant, healing bath salt to give away or use yourself. Here’s the tutorial on DIY...
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You Are My Sunshine Handprint Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Sunshine Handprint Craft! Cute idea for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or a lesson on the sun for Sunday School, or School!
We all love receiving precious handprint art! This one is so cute, and brightens up any room with little rays of hand prints shining out from the sun! This would be a cute idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion! You could also add this to a unit on the Solar System, a lesson on Peace, or in Sunday School following a lesson on Creation: If you have yellow...
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