The Lorax Party Balloon Hats – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Truffua Tree Balloon Hats! A terrific way to celebrate Dr. Seuss
Kids love, love, love balloon shapes! Nothing puts a smile on a child’s face like a balloon shape at a party! (Well, candy comes in at the top, too!) Don’t be intimidated by balloon shaping. It’s not that hard, and it only requires a couple of simple items. Go ahead, give it a try! Here’s What You’ll Need: A large bag of twisting balloons – Variety of Colors A...
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The Lorax Truffula Tree Pinwheel Hill Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Truffula Tree Pinwheels
Here’s a way to display Truffula Trees at your next Dr. Seuss party. You can use them as table decorations, and give the pinwheels out a party favors. If you would like to add The Lorax into the middle of your display, I have a craft for him, too! Just see the link below. Here’s What You’ll Need: For Each Hill: A round Floral Foam Ring Spray Adhesive (Optional – Only if...
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Crayon Truffula Trees & The Lorax Craft – Kid Friendly Thing To Do .com

Truffula Trees from recycled crayons!
Here is a Lorax idea for you to try out. Make these truffula crayons from recycled crayons. Then, if you want to add The Lorax as a finishing touch, try this simple Lorax Craft! Here’s What You’ll Need: For The Crayons: Wooden Dowels Unwrapped crayon pieces of assorted colors Cupcake wrappers Cupcake Tin Clothespins Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun For The Lorax: Egg shaped styrofoam...
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