Frosting Bag Substitute – A Little Tip From Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

You have the tips and the couplings, but no bag to put the frosting in? And, that cupcake, or gingerbread house is staring at you! What do you do? Use a zip-lock slider bag! If you have several tips and couplers for frosting, let all of the kids have their own! Its easy to do, and makes for a lot of creative fun in the kitchen with kids! Check out the step by step below: Just snip of a corner of...
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Sugar Cookie Helpful Tip-A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This might change your traditional sugar cookie roll out forever! In a good way! Instead of flouring the rolling pin & scraping off pieces of cookie dough, then re-flouring the rolling pin again, and again, and again. Just: Place a piece of  wax paper under the cookie dough. Place a piece of wax paper on top of the cookie dough. Roll your rolling pin over the top sheet of wax paper. Take off...
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