Personalized Sleigh Crayon Holder – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

A sleigh is such a magical ride in a child’s mind. Personalize a sleigh for each child at your kid’s table to use them as place cards. Add glitter for some extra magic, and pack it full of crayons to use on your Kid Friendly Table Cloth!  So fun! I purchased my wooden sleigh at AC Moore, but most craft department stores will have them. Paint (Spray Paint is a great short-cut) Glitter...
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Make Graham Cracker Houses – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

A roundup of triedMaking A Graham Cracker House and true Christmas Crafts
I was introduced to these cute, and simple graham cracker houses when my oldest was in nursery school!  That’s the year I stopped buying the boxed gingerbread houses. We haven’t looked back since! These graham cracker houses are way too much fun! Here’s how you can make these for your classroom party – (these are huge for classroom holiday parties!), or Christmas...
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Sled Ornament Keepsake Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Make a sentimental Sled Ornament!
If you are looking for a Christmas or Holiday keepsake craft, you have found it! These would make such great gifts to give out. That is, if you can part with them! I once made these for a whole kindergarten class. They are a great idea for a room parent activity! Not, my original idea. I have to give the credit to my kids wonderful nursery school teachers!  Anyway, Enjoy! 🙂 Here’s What...
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Tissue Paper Flower Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is a simple craft that is such a keepsake, and fun to do with kids. They are so much better as a flower center piece than the ones you buy in the store. This is also a great room parent activity for a classroom party. 🙂 Parents will treasure these simple home made flowers. ***Tip – for younger children do steps 1-6 for them. It will help in the stress factor! Here’s What You...
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