Making Chocolate Haunted Trees – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Easier than you think! Chocolate Trees! A cool Halloween Dessert!
Don’t let the chocolate trees intimidate you. They are so easy, yet so impressive to your guests! A great last minute Halloween treat!: You’ll Need: Wilton Chocolate Melts – Dark Brown A zip tight bag Scissors Wax Paper Baking Sheet that will fit into the freezer! Now: Line the baking sheet with wax paper Using a small microwave proof glass bowl, melt the chocolate melts...
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Top 10 Halloween Crafts, Recipes, and Party Ideas To Inspire – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Halloween Ideas
Once again, Pinterest inspires! Here are some Halloween Ideas I have been pinning! Wow! What a great effect! Find this Tinkerbell instructable at : This is so cute and simple! Halloween treat cups from Okio B Designs This Witch Welcome Mat can be found at Parents This wreath made out of ping-pong ball eyeballs can be found on Number 2 Pencil The tutorial for these painted...
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“Bloodied Fingernails!” – Jello Candied Pumpkin Seeds – Kid FriendlyThings To Do .com

Bloody Fingernails! Ewe! These are really the most delicious Jello Candied Pumpkin Seeds! You've gotta add this to your Halloween Recipes! Absolutely Delicious
I put this recipe creation out on Face Book, and asked my friends to come up with a name. I was stuck on teeth! Used Vampire Teeth, Decayed Teeth, Candied Teeth, etc… A good friend of mine immediately thought of “Bloodied Fingernails” – Which I LOVE! But, dang-it…now, I have to make RED jello pumpkin seeds tonight and replace my picture of orange! My kids will...
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A Skeleton Hand Party Treat Bag Craft

Make A Spooky Skeleton Hand To Hold Your Snack Mix!
This is a fun way to give out snacks at a Halloween party! Ditch the old popcorn bags, and hand out skeleton hands full of fun! These are so easy to make.  You’ll Need: A box of Latex Free, & Powder Free clear medical gloves A party snack mix  White puffy paint Halloween ribbon or yarn Stuff the gloves with the snack mix Use a twist tie to secure the open end...
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Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do!

The kids and I pulled out the big candy stash  to see what we could do to make some monsterly cookies. Truthfully, I didn’t bake any of these from scratch. We had a lot of fun getting creative in the kitchen with some store bought cookies, and cookie dough! The kids love the BIG candy stash! I’ve hidden it well, so my candies don’t disappear inbetween decorating fun, so the...
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