The Best St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids Ideas

You are going to love the St. Patrick’s Day crafts that I’ve rounded up for you, today. They are sweet, and simple…my two favorite ingredients for fun crafting with little ones! From hand-print rainbows to leprechaun paintings… Lots of crafts, below: From Crafty Morning   Tissue paper rainbow shamrocks from Housing A Rainforest From Happiness is Homemade   DIY Shamrock...
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Best of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts!

Best of St. Patrick's Day Desserts from Kid Friendly Things To Do
Best of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts! from Kid Friendly Things To Do. 😉 First up…the most simple! Just cut fruit gummies to make this 4 leaf clover! Here’s the link This pot of gold is really a giant marshmallow dipped in chocolate! Easy Peasy! Here’s the link This one is so dang tasty and beautiful too! Here’s the link to this Jello Poke Cake My kids went crazy for...
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Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Several leprechaun trap ideas for kids on St. Patrick's Day -
It’s time to catch a Leprechaun! The kids and I have been trying to catch a leprechaun for at least 10 years, now! This year, we tweaked our trap a little bit. We added some more gold, and a sign to entice them. I’m feeling pretty confident, this year. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would find a few leprechaun trap ideas to share with you!    Let the...
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Shamrock Ice Cream Sandwiches

Such a fun and cute dessert for St. Patrick's Day or Summer time fun!
These Shamrock Ice Cream Sandwiches are such a fun treat for St. Patrick’s Day. Heck, they’d be a fun summer time dessert, too! Here’s what I did to make these fun and delicious sweet snacks:    My advice on this dessert would be to make it two – three days ahead of time, and break it up into easy stages. Make the dough and cookies on the first day. One day before you...
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Make A Leprechaun Beard From Hand Prints – Craft

Leprechaun beard or ZZ top! Either way it's a cute hand print craft for St. Patrick's Day
ZZ Top or Leprechaun? You decide! My husband started singing “Sharp Dressed Man” as soon as Connor showed him his new leprechaun beard! Oh man. Well…if you’re looking for a cute leprechaun craft, or if you’re looking for a ZZ top craft, I’ve gotcha covered. 🙂 You’ll need: 2 sheets or more of orange construction paper – you can absolutely use foam...
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St. Patrick’s Day Dessert – Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats - Perfect for St. Patrick's Day
These Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats were inspired by the red, white, and blue krispies treats I’ve seen around Pinterest. I figured, if three colors in krispies treats looked cute, then six would too! I think they will be a perfect addition to St. Patrick’s Day fun foods. My five year old and I made these while the older three kids were at school. Boy, were they excited to see these...
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