Thankful Blessing Mix – A Thanksgiving Mix – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Thankful Blessings Poem, and Recipe! A great idea for Thanksgiving parties with kids!
What a cute way of teaching kids about the First Thanksgiving! It’s funny…I just discovered last week that the folded pretzel was invented by a medieval Italian monk. He made them to represent children’s folded arms. Here they are again, using the same representation! Interesting! Here’s the recipe to print off, and the guide in teaching kids about each of the ingredients...
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Mouth Watering Turkey Recipes – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Mouth Watering Turkey Recipes that are sure to wow all of your guests at Thanksgiving, and Christmas
This weekend, I am giving brining a turkey a go! I can’t wait to see how the turkey turns out. It looks so delicious. Of course, I’ll share the step by step, and the short cuts I take…I always use shortcuts! Seriously, who has time for an all day turkey date?! Until then…here are some mouth watering turkeys that I found on Pinterest, this morning, and of course some of my...
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Easy No Marinade Apple Cider & Herbs Roasted Chicken

Who has time to marinade a turkey or chicken? This is a great recipe for a no-marinade Thanksgiving! Delicious!
You can use this recipe as a marinade if you want. I, however, had no time to marinade when my four year old – at 2:00 in the afternoon! – decided he wanted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls for his birthday dinner. The plan WAS pizza, and my family was coming for dinner! Say what?! Honestly, I had to go buy 3 chickens! Luckily, I grabbed some apple cider while I was at the...
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Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Lollipops

Honestly, every time I see these turkeys, I picture them pleading with me not to eat them! They are so cute. I love their expressions! The kids will go crazy for these Fun Marshmallow Turkey Lollipops! Here’s how I made these guys: You’ll Need: Wilton Dark Chocolate Melts Large glass microwave proof bowl Large marshmallows Mini Marshmallows Black Pearl Sprinkle – Wilton Candy...
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Gouda & Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

The ultimate cheesy, bacon stuffed mushrooms! You definitely have to add this to your list of appetizers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!
I have been searching for a stuffed mushroom recipe that I can use as a ┬átraditional holiday appetizer! ┬áMost of the stuffed mushrooms out there are stuffed with dressing that dominates the taste, and makes it dry. Not this one! This is the ultimate gooey cheese, bacon, and chive stuffed mushroom that I have been searching for. It’s out of this months Taste of Home magazine (November 2014...
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Delicious Pecan Tassies Recipe

These Pecan Tassies have a delicious custard-like pecan filling. This pastry is one your guests will be popping into their mouth, over, and over, and over again! Here’s the recipe: Shell: 1/2 cup of soft unsalted butter 3 oz. of cream cheese 1 cup of all-purpose flour Filling: 2 T unsalted butter – melted 3/4 cup of packed brown sugar 1 egg 1 t vanilla 1 cup pecan halves Now: Preheat...
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