A Turkey Puppet Goody Bag! – A Fun & Adorable Thanksgiving Craft

A Turkey Puppet Goody Bag! - A Fun & Adorable Thanksgiving Craft - A fun and simple craft for Thanksgiving! A paper cup filled with treats and covered with a turkey! Fun stuff! - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
Oh boy. When I get started on a theme, I can’t stop. This year, I seem to stuck on Turkeys! I really think this would be a fun way to present a little Thanksgiving gift for the kids in your life! Make this simple little turkey hand puppet that doubles as a paper cup cozy, and a Goody Bag! When the kids sit down to lunch, they’ll be delighted to see their cup doubles as a fun hand...
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Make A Beautiful Turkey For Thanksgiving – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A Beautiful Turkey Craft & Display For Thanksgiving!
This beautiful Turkey would look so great as your Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece! While on a hayride, I snapped a picture of this turkey. As soon as I spotted it, I knew it would be a perfect craft, or display for Thanksgiving! My big, ambitious plans were to recreate this cutie, but sadly I can never find the time to get around to it. I hope I will soon, but until then, I think I know what...
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Make A Simple Teepee From A Paper Cup

Design Your Own Teepee - A Simple Thanksgiving Craft & Table Decoration
This is a super simple craft. Use a white paper cup that the kids can decorate with markers, and stickers. Cut a little slit in the cup for a door. If you want to get really crazy, add some sticks with hot glue to the top of your teepee! Here are some different ways you can use this teepee for the Thanksgiving table!:   Just a couple of notes about the construction of the teepee: The door is...
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A Simple Thanksgiving Craft and Place Card For Kids

Make a simple Canoe out of a Band-Aid, and add Q-tips for Oars! This makes a cute place card for a kid's Thanksgiving table!
This Thanksgiving craft is simple to do. Transform a Band-Aid into a Canoe! Use Q-tips for oars! That’s it! Put those on a folded piece of construction paper, or card stock for a simple place card. Here’s what I did to make this place card: You’ll Need: Brown Band-Aids – I used 1 & 3/4 x 4 inch Orange, and Green Sharpie, or other marker Rick-Rack Glue gun, and sticks...
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Pipe Cleaner Turkey For a Treat Holder and Thanksgiving Craft

Pipe Cleaner Turkey Treat Holder and Craft for Thanksgiving - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
This turkey is so super cute, and easy to do. My six year old had absolutely no problem doing one all by herself! I love that this turkey holds little bags of treats (popcorn, candy,  craft kit, etc…) in the middle. Wouldn’t that be adorable on a kid’s Thanksgiving table? You could even put a place card instead of treats in the middle of this turkey! Here’s how you can...
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A Cute And Simple Turkey Craft For Thanksgiving! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Such a cute and simple Thanksgiving craft for kids! I love it!
Check out this cute, and adorable Turkey craft. I think this one is just perfect for classroom, and Sunday School parties! I’m also picturing these on place setting for the kids on Thanksgiving! If you plan on having a craft table for your group of kids, I would definitely add this with an example done as a guide! Fun stuff! Here’ a larger picture, and a link to the website for...
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