A Flower In A Pot Of Chocolate!

This flower in a pot of chocolate would be a great Mother’s Day gift! Mom can lift the chocolate out of the pot, and use the lollipop with chocolate as the base to stir her coffee, or just enjoy a chocolate treat! Kids can leave it in a Dixie Cup or present it in a real Terra-Cotta pot for a fun display! Here’s the tutorial: You’ll Need: A Dixie Cup Wilton Chocolate Melts...
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Camp Out -OR- Boy Scout Cupcake – A Kid Friendly Thing To Eat

And, of course Girl Scouts! šŸ™‚ These are fun. The tents are made from lollipop sticks and fruit roll-ups. The cupcake is the fire pit, and I added a little S’moreĀ  to the campsite. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own.: Prepared Cupcakes Orange Frosting Red Frosting Lollipop Sticks – 5 for each tent Fruit Roll-Ups – 2 for each tent Hot Glue Gun & Hot glue...
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A Girl Scout/ Boy Scout Or Earth Day Dessert – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

After Juliette Lowe witnessed Boy Scouts, and Girl Guides in Scotland, she decidedĀ  to start her own! Back in the United States, Juliette Lowe, born in Savannah, Georgia, held the first official Girl Scout meeting on March 12, 1912.Ā  In 1913 the first handbook contained housekeeping tips, but it also contained instructions on how to tie a burglar up with 8 inches of rope! Impressive! Today,...
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