Mini Cheesecakes With Fruit Filling Topping

These mini cheesecakes are a fun way to give everyone their individual dessert. They are so cute and perfect for Valentines Day!    Mini Cheesecakes 2015-02-05 09:41:11 Yields 9 These cheesecakes are easy to prepare. Just mix everything together and bake! Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 5 min Prep Time 5 min Ingredients 2 Packages of Keebler Ready Mini Graham Cracker Crust 8 oz. Cream...
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3 – 2 – 1 Cake

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This is the coolest thing, you guys! I was researching Valentine Cake Mixes to give as gifts and came across the 3,2,1, Cake! I just had to try this idea.  2 Ingredients! Grab your favorite box of cake flavor mix. I picked Red Velvet for Valentine’s Day Add 1 box of Angel Food Cake Mix the 2 cake mixes together When you are ready – use a microwavable mug, or jar (this is a 4 oz....
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Valentine M&Ms and Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownies

Prepare to pour some tall glasses of milk - or soy! whichever you do! These Valentine Blonde Brownies are like giant chocolate chip cookies!
These Valentine Blonde Brownies are more like a chocolate chip cookie in Giant Form. Be prepared to pour some tall glasses of milk (or Soy!, whichever you do) to enjoy with these delicious brownies! Here’s the recipe: You’ll Need: 2 cups of flour 2 cups of packed brown sugar 2 tsp. of baking powder 1/2 cup of butter melted 2 eggs 1 tsp. of vanilla 1 bag of Valentine Milk Chocolate...
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Heart Shaped Granola Protein Bites Recipe – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A Healthy Valentines Day Breakfast - or any day breakfast! Granola Bites!
My good friend, Jori, sent me this picture of her Valentines Day Breakfast as a healthy alternative to start the day! I must say, it looks absolutely delicious! Here’s the recipe for these easy granola bites!: You’ll Need: 1 cup of dried fruit 1/2 cup of almonds 1/2  cup of walnuts 1/2 cup flax seed 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/4 cup of almond butter 1/4 cup of Agave Now: Grind the fruit,...
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How To Make Fancy Stripes on Your Chocolate Candy Using a Zip-Tight Bag – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Making those beautiful chocolate stripes using a plastic baggie!
I just recently made 900 Chocolate Covered Coconut Bon-Bons with beautiful contrasting chocolate stripes. In that process, I have had a lot of practice getting to know the art of making those fancy chocolate lines on my candies! Along the way, I came up with a couple of tricks that I would love to share with you! 🙂 Use this process over any chocolate treat! You’ll Need: Chocolate Melts...
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Valentines Day Dessert Ideas – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Lots of Valentine Themed Desserts
Here’s a little compilation from years past,  of some fun Valentines Day dessert ideas! Simple, and Elegant! Marshmallow Lollipops! Brownies are my favorite! Here’s the link to these yummy treats! The only mice you’ll be happy to see in your kitchen! A fun healthy snack! A Flying Heart! I named this Scrumdiddlyumtious Chocolate Whipped Cream! Find so much more...
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